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Tony Kytes: who cheated whom?

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Tony Kytes: who cheated whom? Tony Kytes is engaged to be married to Milly Richards, but on his way home he meets up with two more young ladies who both happen to be passed lovers. They bare both stunning and have different qualities. The two women are Hannah Jolliver and Unity Sallet. He firstly meets Unity and she asks him about his engagement, he reacts to this with the impression that he doesn't want to marry Milly; she is thrilled by the idea. Still driving along they came across Milly on the road so Tony asks Unity to hide in the back so he doesn't get caught. Milly then gets on the cart and they keep going, until they meet Hannah. Yet again to save himself he gets Milly to hide. In the end he gets found out but Milly still wants to marry Tony even though she appears third choice. Unity Sallet is a very forward and big headed "will you give me a lift home?" she is also flirtatious woman who tries to persuade Tony that she is better looking than Milly. She greets Tony with a warm invitation, "My dear Tony." Unity does not want Tony to marry Milly so she criticizes her and flatters herself, "I should have made 'ee a finer wife" Unity likes to put Tony on the ...read more.


She puts him on the spot but she manages to keep herself calm and cool "Tony, feeling a dim sort of sweat rising up..." Hannah starts to become suspicious of Tony when he starts whispering. Then Hannah thinks she hears screaming, Tony makes a lie up about this because he isn't going to tell her that he has two other women in the back of his cart. Hannah then changes her personality really quickly " do you like her better than me?" she offers herself to Tony, so she is pleased when Tony agrees to drop Milly for her "how delightful" this proves that Hannah has no self respect for Milly or herself. Hannah then hears the sounds again but thinks nothing of it this time as she has got what she wants. When Hannah finally finds out that Milly and Unity are in the back of the cart as well she is fuming. Tony asks her to hold onto the reins and this causes then to crash. Tony asks Hannah if she wants to marry him she declines. Hannah deceives herself and her father because he told her to keep away from Tony and he is very upset that his daughter was willing to marry Tony. ...read more.


Although Milly, Unity and Hannah have all cheated each other and themselves, they weren't to know what Tony was like. They couldn't see through him. From the sounds of it all three women were attractive and they all wanted him, but didn't realize what he was like. Tony couldn't make up his mind, as he wanted them all he finds in very hard to say "NO" I think Unity and Hannah behaved properly by not accepting the proposal from Tony in the end because they are better off without him. Deep down he is a scheming man and only thinks of himself. Milly likes Tony so much she is prepared to marry him after he has asked all the other women first this proves that she is a forgiving person. Tony, Hannah and Unity deserve nothing because they are selfish as they just considered themselves, they didn't take into account of Milly's feelings. So really Milly would have been better off without them. Tony can't cope with being alone. Hannah is not bothered by Tony's cheating; she refuses him out of embarrassment and because of her father. Unity would of forgiven Tony for cheating if he hadn't asked Hannah first but "she will not take her leavings" Milly chooses to marry Tony because she thinks Tony doesn't really mean that he wanted the other two. Sasha Hunt ...read more.

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