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Too Close to the Enemy

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Too Close to the Enemy Light seeped into the courtyard that was filed with SAS personnel for the last 24 hours. They all waited like hawks, sweat running down each of their backs and soaking into their issued military clothing. The courtyard was silent, apart from the wind that lashed the old buildings that had once been used as offices. The men started to become anxious; all 5 of them were now starting to feel the tension, which they craved for so badly. The meeting time was close know but the men weren't thinking about the mission, their families were all at home and it didn't make the situation easier to think they were unsafe. They were well guarded, but they new the enemy was far more superior to the SAS bodyguards. With a crash and a screeching noise and old unmarked Toyota van entered the courtyard, weapons raised the men were ready, and they realised this was their chance. The all had in ear radios, which were vital to the smooth running of the mission. Matt the first in command of the troop made everyone alert with his strong northern accent. ...read more.


Matt knew this and the first wrong move by the driver and he would be dead in a flash. The driver spoke with a tint of a Cornish accent, "Get In". Matt thought for a moment before responding, maybe SAS, or even an IRA player. Matt called his team over with the command, "on me!" His team looked at Matt with disbelief but he knew it was ok. The car pulled away from the courtyard with a roar from the Land Rovers V8 engine. The man started by introducing himself to Matt's team, "My name is John Rice and I work for the SAS as you all probably know, Matt thought to himself, I don't. The man went on, "the men you just killed were all innocent civilians", Matt tracked back, did they have weapons? The answer was no and he knew it. "I have been sent to break the news to you, not very nice know but someone has to do it and I am only doing my job". Matt grabbed the man by the neck and pushed his head up against the windscreen, the man screamed "know, know Mr Graham. ...read more.


The men used their skills and where invisible in the woods at Chequers, Tony Blair's country lodge. It was 10.30 and he would come out to water his flowers at exactly 10.34, a little strange Matt thought but that was his info. Again the anxiety started to creep up on the men especially Matt who had the sniper and was going to do the deed. There he was the target opened up the balcony doors and started to water his flowers, a little early, checked Matt. The lined the chest area up in his scope and slowed down his breathing his shot. He was comfortable and with a gently squeeze he saw the round crash through the targets chest, he fell immediately. The men all scurried up the hill while throwing the bolt from the sniper from the rifle Matt only his Browning. Voices and sirens could be heard but the men never looked back. The made it to there pickup in seven minutes, onto the helicopter the scurried and Matt caught a glance of the balcony, there was nothing but green coats, Matt assured his team with a pat on the back as the chopper banked away. They were free men once again, but what where would they go from here thought Matt to himself. Words: 1,541 ?? ?? ?? ?? Luke Jarvis ...read more.

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