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Too Much Happiness.

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I sat there, in my chair, and stared in wonder at my creation. A smile suddenly had appeared on my face, as I realised the magnitude of my creation. I could achieve greatness, it was all in the palm of my hands, and I was going to hold it tight. I suppose the whole thing had been an accident, for I had never intended to create such a thing, but what a thing to create. Since I was a very small child, I was always building things, and coming up with ideas. When I was four, I heard on TV that all atoms contained light, and so I realised they must contain heat, which is energy. ...read more.


At the time I was trying to draw the fourth dimension for an art project, but what started on paper, turned into a small model, which then became a full size Time Machine!!! An idea suddenly hit me. I travelled back in time, back to the 27th April 2003, the day that I turned 15. I was in year 10, and waiting my year 11 mock GCSE exams, and of course, my real GCSE's, which I failed on before. It had worked, the time machine had taken me back to when I was just a kid. And what was more, I had changed appearance to what I used to look like, so I fitted right in. ...read more.


For you, this must sound like heaven, and it was: - eternal boredom. My life became pointless, and I began to get fat, and I realised that there was nothing that I could buy, except meaningful happiness. Too much of a good thing gets boring, so like a one-hit-wonder pop singer, I disappeared with the wind. Life was meant to be hard to keep us on our toes. I now lay here alone, with no one buy my side, and finished my life, while I still was sane. The fourth dimension was hidden for a reason, and I suggest you don't go looking for it. I leave you now, as the rope tightens around my neck. One rock of the chair I stand on, and I am gone. By Morgan Richardson ...read more.

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