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Too much punch for Judy.

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Nell Broomfield Morris. Drama coursework. Too much punch for Judy By Mark Wheeler The play 'Too much punch for Judy' involves two sisters, Jo and Judy also their mum-Vi and younger brother Johnnie. Jo and Judy are very close but one night after they had both been drinking, they had a terrible accident in which Jo died, leaving Judy who was driving to pick up the pieces which she doesn't do very well. For our first task we were asked to use still image to introduce the family, in the first picture set before the accident we chose to use split scenes. One side of our picture presented Jo and Vi happily cooking together, Vi has a look of contentment and Jo is smiling, Judy is to the left of the two with a look of resentment towards Jo and the fact that Jo has a better relationship with her mother. ...read more.


I wish she just wouldn't be false with me-shout at me, Hate me! I know I deserve it." I think you can understand the characters better when you use thought tracking because its not what the characters are saying to anyone else which might not be their genuine thoughts. The next explorative strategy set a while after both accidents, was Hotseating, this is when you ask the chosen character questions about the relative issue. It is used to get deeper into a character. "How did you feel after the first accident?" "Well I was devastated of course for myself but for Judy too she blamed herself and there was nothing I could do. I just kept thinking why us? Why Jo? It just keeps going over and over in your head y'know-why didn't I call them, tell them to get a cab? Blaming yourself is all part of the grieving process I suppose but you cant think like that or you'll never let go." ...read more.


she is now shouting at Jo "how could you do this again even after what happened? Do you not care? You killed someone else Judy that's two people the same way, are you that stupid? Don't you understand?" Jo circles Judy, "Judy? Judy? You don't get it do you Judy? Judy? It's all your fault! Judy?" Judy is sitting on the floor with her head in her knees crying loudly Jo is circling Judy and repeatedly asking her questions, which are very insensitive, and she sounds very haunting. "I hope you start sorting your life out Judy or you'll be a pathetic wreck for the rest of your life." Jo bends down and says this line right in Judy's face she says it with hate then walks out. Judy is left hysterically crying on the floor she freezes-the lights go off. The ending of the drama is supposed to make you think of the consequences of drink driving it makes you realise how many people are affected by just a few too may drinks. ...read more.

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