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Touching the void

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Touching the Void Climbing a mountain that nobody has ever climbed before, that is untouched, that is a synonym of purity has its rewards, but before one can relish the glory they must pay the price of dominating the untamable nature of snowy mountains. This was the case for Simon Yates when he decided to cut the three hundred foot rope that his friend Joe was holding onto and dependent of his life. Although it may seem like an atrocious decision, at that moment it was the right thing to do. Simon's climbing affiliate, Joe, sheared his knee while going down the mountain when his shin was pushed up and his thigh bone pushed down, by a rock, causing them to grate past each other and crushing the knee cap. After that, it was evident that the glory of climbing a high Andean glacier without difficulties was short lived. They had just climbed down a couple of feet when this catastrophe happened. ...read more.


He could not lift off his weight to be lowered another hundred and fifty feet and then repeat for what could have been the last time. He was now one hundred percent dependent on Simon. His body was just limping out in the open. His arms were reaching out only to touch the void. Joe was free but still a captive since he could do nothing, go nowhere. Simon waited and wondered, for about an hour, why Joe was not lifting his weight off the rope? The knot was at the plate and there was no way he could release the plate and grasp onto all of Joe's weight. He'd be dragged off immediately off the mountain if he did that. He'd die! But he knew he had to do something quick... he was being pushed down by the snow behind him. He needed to take action, even if it wasn't in Joe's best interest. He needed to survive. He had to survive. He wasn't the inexperienced climber; he didn't get his leg injured. ...read more.


In situations, like the one he found himself in, sometimes you have to make the right decision for you. In this case it was the only thing Simon could do for himself. He either got pushed off by the snow or was going to be pulled off by the force of Joe's weight hanging in the void. In my opinion, he was doing the right thing. It was atrocious to cut off someone who depends on you for his survival but in the end, it is the survival of the fittest. He had no other approach. He made the right decision. He survived. Although it is horrifying to cut the rope that holds somebody else, in Simon's circumstance it was the right thing to do. He survived and that was all that mattered. His journey down the mountain was difficult enough not taking into account possibly killing his climbing partner. Simon endured unsympathetic weather, ruthless obstacles and cruel decisions like cutting the rope that held Joe. But in the end, it was the correct decision to cut the rope. ?? ?? ?? ?? Astrid Galindo Feb. 15, 20009 ...read more.

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