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Town Life

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12/11/2001 Prasshy.S TOWN LIFE "All aboard" said the conductor as I boarded the train heading to London. When I boarded the train, I decided to occupy a spare seat by the window. I saw a middle aged boy pushing a cart of coal to the engine room. After a few minutes, the engine started. I was on my way to see my best friend Chloe. As the train began to move I said goodbye to Devon. I wouldn't be coming back to it for another week. I passed all the famous landmarks in Devon. After around 1/2 an hour we went passed a river. I saw a barge carrying goods crossing it. Gradually along the journey the air started to smell foul that I had to close the shutters in the train. After a while it got so bad that I nearly fainted. I didn't know how my friend was coping in these living conditions. Finally I reached Piccadilly Station. The station was filthy. It didn't even look like a proper station. ...read more.


The house was so tiny compared to the houses in Devon. I just managed to peep and see that the living room was divided into four sections and there was a family in each section. I was shocked to see this sort of condition. In Devon each family had their own luxurious house, and most cases each child had their own room. I could imagine my mum seeing this and fainting! I took the steps leading to the basement. It was worse than the top. The basement was also divided into four sections. I glanced around and noticed the Brown's sitting on one corner of the basement. I assumed this was the third section of the basement. As I walked over to section three, I saw a family crying in one section. I moved in to have a closer look and saw a young boy lying there...dead. I couldn't take it anymore; I swiftly walked over to the Brown's. Chloe spotted me and ran to greet me. ...read more.


Chloe led me to a shack, which contained a little hole and told me that was the loo. I couldn't believe it. No wonder the roads were so smelly. When I saw what the loo really looked like I decided not to go right at this moment. I badly wanted a glass of water. I saw a water pump nearby and was going to go towards it when I saw that all the waste from the so called toilet was going underground passed the water pump under. No one knows what's in that water so I decided to go back to Chloe's house. After staying at Chloe's house for about one hour I decided to head back home. I slowly and dejectedly walked over to Piccadilly station. It looked the same as it did before but this time even worse. I boarded the train heading back to Devon. In the journey home I thought about all the disturbing scenes I had scene that day, especially the living conditions of one of my good friends Chloe Brown and her family. I was determined to do something about it when I got home. And I did... ...read more.

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