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Trace Briggs' change of mood and attitude throughout the course of "Our Day Out". Does he really change?

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Trace Briggs' change of mood and attitude throughout the course of "Our Day Out". Does he really change? In the first scene of Our Day Out when Mrs. Kay and Briggs talk, we can easily understand that Briggs thinks that Mrs. Kay can't handle the children. He says that it's a good idea to have an extra member of staff on the trip. The headmaster sends him along with them because he thinks that Mrs. Kay doesn't give the right education to the children and he doesn't trust her and Collins. In the coach Briggs tells the children to stay quiet during the trip but he fails to understand that this trip is a fun day out. He also thinks that the children are "thick". At the back of the coach Briggs sees Andrews with a cigarette and he tells him to go and sit at the front. To stop the others smoking Briggs sits at the back with Reilly and Digga and he talks about the docks. Briggs thinks that the docks are really nice and historical but he fails to understand the children. ...read more.


When Mrs. Kay takes a detour to the zoo, Briggs tries to stop her. At the zoo Briggs is surprised by the children's interest because he never thought that they would have any interests and emotional feelings. Briggs thinks that it's not cruel if a bear was treated well in a pit and he says "Don't forget it was born in captivity so it won't know any other sort of life". It's the same for the children in the Progress Class. They were born in the poor inner city so they won't know any other sort of life but sadly he doesn't make this connection himself. When Briggs discovers that the children have taken the animals, he gets really angry. This is because they have told Briggs that they will behave well but he thinks that they have misused his trust. Briggs says "I trusted all of you but it's obvious that trust is something that you know nothing about". The children took the animals from the children's zoo because they never had anything nice in their lives and they might have thought that nobody would mind if they took the animals. ...read more.


He sees the world through Carol's eyes. At the fair, Briggs spends most of his time with Carol and the others having fun and eating candy. When they arrive at the school, the stage directions tell us that Briggs takes of his cowboy hat and puts it on Andrews and he takes out a comb and combs his hair and tidies his clothes. This is because he doesn't want to be seen like this. He exposes the film because he doesn't want any proof of what he did at the fair. From the beginning to the zoo Briggs is horrible to everyone and at the zoo he has a good time. But after the children take the animals he gets really angry and shouts at the children. After talking to Carol he understands the situation of the children and takes them to the fair and shows us who the real Briggs is. I think that the most important thing for Briggs is his career and as a result of this he tries to be strict because he thinks that this is the best way to educate children. Briggs is so naive and doesn't realise what's going on in real life. He thinks that everything else in the world is the same as his. Duygu Kocak ...read more.

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