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Trace the development of Romeo throughout the play commenting on the ways the audience see him change and the reason why these changes come about.

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Trace the development of Romeo throughout the play commenting on the ways the audience see him change and the reason why these changes come about. Shakespeare shows Romeo as an immature teenager who is inexperienced n love. We know this because he was upset about Rosaline, but further on in the play we see Romeo mature as he falls in love with Juliet. Romeo also becomes more aggressive when his best friend Mercutio dies and also when he believes Juliet is dead. We learn that Romeo is not normally aggressive by nature but he is just upset and this is why he makes these changes. This is a big turning point for Romeo; Shakespeare shows us this by making Romeo kill two important characters- Tybalt and Paris. When we first see Romeo we learn that he is troubled by something. We also know that his family is worried about him as well. His family comments ''O where is Romeo'' This suggests that they haven't seen him and that he has been avoiding his family. Benvolio tells us that he ran into the woods, meaning that he was upset and needed some time alone. Montague tells us that Romeo ''Locks fair daylight out''; in doing so he is making himself an artificial darkness. ...read more.


Romeo tells Juliet how he hates his name ''my name, dear saint, is hateful to myself because it is an enemy to thee.'' Romeo hates his name because his lover is an enemy to his family. Juliet also feels the same way about Romeo ''refuse thy name'' meaning that she doesn't like her name either. Romeo refers to Juliet as saint, which just go to show how beautiful and important she is, it is very emotive as you can imagine it. Romeo and Juliet prepare a marriage the next day ''thy propose marriage, send me word tomorrow''. Shakespeare has developed Romeo's character very carefully as he just rushes to conclusions without even thinking to act: marring a family enemy who have been enemies for years. If this was modern the consequences would have been worst. This could mean being grounded and even in some cases abandoned. Some families are very extreme. The audiences would have reacted differently: an Elizabethan audience would have been shocked and disappointed whereas a modern audience would still have been shocked but it would have been more common. Quite a lot people do that nowadays, in some religions parents force their child to get married. Romeo acts very differently after meeting Juliet, he seems more cheerful. ...read more.


The audience can sense that something bad is going to happen as he progresses. Something does happen; Romeo then kills Tybalt because of his lost of his dear friend Mercutio. Then is when the audience can see Romeos dark side and it just shows what hatred can do to someone. Friar Lawrence tells Romeo the bad news about banishment ''Not body's death, but body's banishment'' meaning that Romeo cannot come back to Verona, he is banished forever. Romeo is shocked and is very upset ''There is no world without Verona's walls'' This means that there is nothing outside Verona and tat life isn't worth living. The audience would have been very upset to see Romeo leave Verona and this is an excellent way to develop Romeo's character. The Elizabethan would have thought that being banished is the worst punishment as Christopher Columbus had only started exploring then, whereas the modern point of view wouldn't have cared that much as you can just go and live somewhere else. When Romeo thinks Juliet dies the whole world falls apart for him, Balthasar tells Romeo about it and because Romeo is so upset and starts threatening him Overall the main reasons behind Romeo's and Juliet's death are because the changes of Romeo throughout the play: Mercutio's death, Tybalt's death and being banished. ...read more.

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