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Trace the relationship between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth

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Trace the relationship between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in the beginning of the play have a close relationship, they talk to each other and both understand one another. In the play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth kill Duncan in order to achieve their aim of making Macbeth King. However the strain of killing Duncan immediately affects their relationship. At first Lady Macbeth controls her husband although most of her power comes from his weaknesses. But after Duncan's murder their relationship deteriorates, they both become isolated and it results in Lady Macbeth's suicide. From the moment Lady Macbeth receives the letter from Macbeth she begins to plan the murder. She talks about defeminising herself. She paints Macbeth as a weak man, and resolves it finally to persuade Macbeth to do it and asks for the strength to commit murder. In Act 1 Scene 5 Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are quite close. Macbeth addresses her in his letter as 'my dearest partner of greatness'. Lady Macbeth is keen to see Macbeth discuss the murder with him but she fears that Macbeth is 'too full o' th' milk of human kindness'. This proves how well she understands her husband. She respects him, calling him 'Great Glamis! ...read more.


She says, 'Consider it not so deeply'. She is the practical one, telling Macbeth, 'Go get some water, And wash this filthy witness from your hand'. She becomes annoyed with Macbeth and calls him 'infirm purpose' because he won't go back and smear the guard's faces with blood because he is too afraid. At the end of the scene Macbeth regrets what he has done but Lady Macbeth is not sorry. But she does support him when he is afraid to smear the guards' faces with the blood - she does it for him. Proving that the relationship of love is still there even though they have done something bad, and she still does stick up for him to show she loves him. The morning after the murder Macbeth announces that he has killed the guards due to his love for Duncan. Lady Macbeth appears shocked by Macbeth's killing of the guards. Suddenly she feels that the situation is getting out of control, and Macbeth is becoming more violent. This is the first time we sense the growing apart of the relationship. 'O, yet I do repent me of all my fury, that I did kill them'. The time before the banquet is a troubled time. ...read more.


I think that Lady Macbeth is a strong character, and she portrays that sense of superiority. We can also see that in some parts, she might have a lot of suppressed pain. She sees Duncan dead, and hears of Macduff's family killed, and it slowly makes her insane as her suppressed pain catches up to her (her sleep walking) until her death. In this play, the man is the weaker one and the woman leads him to his merciless acts. Macbeth develops a certain feeling of confidence and at that point, he no longer needs Lady Macbeth, so he really doesn't mind her death. He doesn't need her anyway. The point where he loses his wife is probably his point of no return. The way back is even longer than the way through the mess he is on at that moment. Lady Macbeth is Macbeth's motivation. Morally, Macbeth knew the difference between right and wrong, Lady Macbeth did also. The end result comes down to can they handle the guilt of committing murders. I noticed that Lady Macbeth did suicide, which shows her guilt. Macbeth knew he was doomed, but fought to the end. Although she is indeed the true villain she suppresses her good qualities to goad her husband to murder, she invokes the powers of darkness to give her strength. Macbeth is a good man who falls from grace if not he could not be a tragic hero. ...read more.

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