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Tragic Hero.

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Tragic Hero Shakespears Macbeth is about the story of one man and how he is flawed with ambition by his own desire and how other people make him do things that lead to his tragic end. At the beginning of the play, Macbeth is portrayed as a "valiant", "brave" soldier by the king and the captain. As to that Macbeth is credited for his bravery by his superiors shows Macbeth as a great man in addition as to that Macbeth is not present in those scenes builds up the anticipation to see Macbeth, by the audiences view. As to that Macbeth has been praised by the King and others , the very first reference made of Macbeth was said by the 'evil' witches. We know that they are evil is by the surroundings they appear in. They do not appear in bright and sunny situation, they arrive in "thunder" , "lightning" and "rain". This emphasises there evilness as to that no human being would appear in such atmospheres. The witches also use inappropriate languages such as "killing swine" this nature of language is not used by respected beings. This is important as to that this confuses the audience as to that at one point Macbeth is praised by the King and other superiors and on the other point he is shown discussing with the witches. It is clear that Macbeth's shift from a good and a "worthy gentlemen" to a traitor, killing the king and his friend Banquo, and others that were hurdles to his ambition. ...read more.


Macbeth is stopped by his appreciation by the king and nobles that he is a great warrior and in contrast to this lady Macbeth tries to p[persuade Macbeth into killing the king. It is his noble characteristics that prevent him from doing bad things. Lady Macbeth notices that Macbeth lacks ruthlessness and would not commit the murder, therefore, Lady Macbeth uses clothing imagery, and she says that Macbeth was drunk when he dressed himself up with the hope that he will become king. Lady Macbeth also says that she would even take her breast out of her child's mouth and stop him from sucking her "nipple" in addition she would smash her babies head but she would go back on her words. This shows Lady Macbeth's barbaric and ferocious characteristics. Finally, Lady Macbeth's uses Macbeth's manly hood, this manages to persuade Macbeth to commit the crime. After King Duncan's death Macbeth immediate fells the guilt as to that, he says that he has "murdered sleep" and so Macbeth shall sleep no more, he has committed such a crime that he will regret it all his existence. Macbeth becomes obsessed that he could not say "amen", he fills guilty that he could not say amen following the guards. Macbeth shows his guilt with a metaphor that "not will all Neptune's ocean..." here he says that he has done such a big crime that Neptune's ocean will not wipe the blood stains that he has in his hands. ...read more.


. Macbeth's evilness is proved once again, when Macbeth returns to the witches. In Act 5 Scene 1 we see that lady Macbeth sleep walks plus we see her carrying a candle at all times this is trying to say that she is afraid of darkness , this is in contrast to her in the beginning of the play , showing her calling in the spirits of darkness. This is due to that Macbeth has "murdered sleep". Later on in the play near the end of Macbeth's battle with Macduff, we see that Macbeth will fight to the end with "flesh be hacked". This is very violent imagery in addition this also echoes the earlier image of a brave soldier who will fight to save his country but here he is trying to save himself. I believe that Macbeth could have lead his life of bravery , honour and obedience if it was not for the witches who were the start of his death. In addition I also believe that Macbeth is also responsible for his death as to that he was also responsible due to that he had ambitions but even after he started to feel a little sympathy for himself he went back to the witches. One final character who was involved in the death of Macbeth was Lady Macbeth, who controlled his mind like a remote telling him what to do and when he became king and a traitor Macbeth cared little for his wife. Sadrul Amin 11HF English Miss Gibbs ...read more.

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