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trailer of memoires of a geisha

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What effects and techniques are used in the trailer for Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) and how do they help to show emotions and symbolism? Trailers are not thought of simply as bits and pieces of the actual movie, but as a condensed version which transmits the essence of the movie to the audience without actually revealing the whole 'heart' of the story. In the trailer the outline of the movie is displayed but it is not showing enough to ruin the unknown parts that make the movie appealing. Trailers use a varied combination of effects to awake the audience's interest. In this essay I will analyze how effects are used to show emotions and symbolism. A memorable trailer, in honour of a memorable book! The trailer of 'Memoirs of a Geisha' has manipulated both colour and sound in the trailer marvellously, the timing and combination adding to make one superb trailer that convey the spirit of the film. A geisha is not though of as a simple prostitute , but rather as an artist that manipulates the art of being a woman; which is usually mistaken with sexual aspects by man . But geishas are different from street prostitutes because they reveal a dignified application of femininity through the art of conversation, the manipulation of senses by practiced looks and the playing of musical instruments, to name but a few examples. ...read more.


geisha'. When she says the word geisha the image of a beautiful, proud Japanese woman materializes. This is the first time we see a true geisha wearing the makeup and the kimono. The image fades away slowly as we hear the voice of another girl, who explains what actually happened in the previous scene: 'your family sold you to this house...'. Now we understand that the girl has been sold as a servant to an 'okia', a geisha house. The girl continues her speech: 'you live here now!'. A birds view illustrates a big, crowded and dirty town- showing us that she would never be able to escape and go back on her own. The non diagetic sound is once again a rhythmic music but this time it's far less powerful due to the fact that the shots are not emotional any longer. We can see the beautiful geisha again, this time wearing a red, silky kimono. The colour red makes her stand out showing us that she will have a significant role in the movie. Her voice is not very delicate and we can feel the anger and jealousy when she states 'this is the new arrival?!'. At this point the music intensifies as the beats are stronger and the shots change faster, showing how cruel the geisha was to the 'new arrival' and all the girl had to go through to become mature and strong enough to survive in Japan's society. ...read more.


She is cloaked in darkness as the non- diagetic sound of a shamisen is heard while the geisha performs a complicated dance. Her rapid dance moves are accentuated by the phosphorescent blue glow that is emitted on the background, bathing her and giving her a ghostly glow. In the rest of the trailer there are scenes of happiness where light colours are used but they are always contrasted by immediate darker scenes where feelings such as anger and despair are emphasized. All the happy scenes seem to be related to the man she meets after she is taken away from home and all the dark scenes seem to be related to the beautiful geisha. These shots show a variety of feelings such as happiness, anger, frustration and despair. They are all related with the two characters above. The scenes are evenly distributed; so there are dark and light scenes mixed throughout the trailer showing us how sadness and happiness are mixed together in our lives and that there can't be a rainbow without rain. Music escalates into its climax as it shows rapid flashes of doubtful scenes such as her sleeping with a man, which is very degrading for a true and respected geisha, until the orchestra culminates with an extreme close up of the geishas face, emphasizing on her blue eyes. This shot is an obvious reference to the original cover of the book. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andra Hotomega 1 ...read more.

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