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Transformation of Simon Armitage poem 'Untitled'.

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Transformation of Simon Armitage poem 'Untitled' I am very bothered when I think of the bad things that I have done, especially when I was thirteen and at Moorly High School. It was one particular science lesson after registration. It all started off on a busy and hectic morning when I was preparing myself to go to school. Oh I gotta get ma bag, where's ma bag? Need it for skool, socks where's ma socks? I hate mornings. Bloomin useless. "Simon come on love, you will be late for school." God I wish she'd give me a rest. Always on my back, gor drivin me round the twist. Where's ma socks cant find em, useless. "Hurry Simon the bus is here, your going to miss it darling." I'm not a flamin kid anymore. I am thirteen and she still treats me like a baby, I'm grown up now when will she gimme a chance? Cos I can catch the bus by ma sen these days! I wish she'd jus leave me alone. "Ok bye love, have a nice day at school, stay out of trouble and watch your dinner money. I'll be home when you get in. Bye." Watever, like leave me alone! ...read more.


Has anyone seen him?" How stupid are teachers? Does he need some glasses? Why can't he see me? I'm right in the middle of the class sat with Tom Redwood behind Jason and Carla and in front of Paul and Rodger. It's so simple. I wish teachers could be scrapped for robots. There well stupid, they cant call em selves humans, they are like aliens or summat. "Oh there you are. Speak up in future please Simon" Mr Smith, my form tutor was a strange and peculiar man. He never seemed to get any respect from the pupils. I had him for Geography and he had no control of the lessons. We never did any work as he was too bothered about getting everyone quiet. At the time that was good because I didn't too much like working but now it just seemed like a complete waste of time. I'm surprised that he never got sacked, he was hopeless, smelt horrible and his breath smelt like something most commonly associated with a toilet. He was one of those teachers that all pupils have nightmares about. Oh no, Science with Mrs Carlton. I really hate the subject and I jus cant stand the teacher she is so nasty, evil and she always picks on me its reight harsh. ...read more.


I think they are hot enuff now. Where is she? Cant see her? Oh few she's there over by the bin sharpening her pencil all alone. How romantic this is perfect both of us will be together without anyone botherin us. Right lets walk up to her and giv her the ring. "Arghhh! My finger, its hot someone please help! Help!" Those are the last words I remember before been pushed up to the headmaster's office by Mrs Carlton and a load of witnesses who were all fired to tell on my nasty doings in the class of 73'. Soon after this I got expelled after Jessica's parents insisted that I was not fit to be at school. That science lesson was the last I saw of her but I still see pictures of her every time I think about my eventful school days. Every time I take my little boy into school I get the smell of branded skin ringing through my nose like the pollution blown out from an industrial tower. I can still imagine flashbacks of the lilac flames in the Bunsen Burner and the pain suffered because of a young innocent boy who was in love. Marked, the Doctors said, for eternity. I never got to say sorry, but at thirteen, it was my way of asking you to marry me. (2200 words) Tom Dobson Coursework 1 ...read more.

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