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Trapped. Aaaaaggggghhhhh! I let out a piercing cry for help. I had fallen down the well about 29 feet and was stuck, with nothing between me and the rock-bottom of the well but a minute ledge of rock.

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Trapped This is a story of my ensnarement. My name is Jessica Clark. It occurred 18 and a half years ago; I was only seven and a half years old. It's set in Texas, America, 1982. It all happened due to a small mistake, which led to a near fatality. This has taught me, and especially my mother, to always pay attention to your duties and priorities. I was playing in the back of the garden, alone, while my mother was at the front of the garden, reading a book. Right behind me, was an old, small and abandoned well. As everyone had decided it was too small for anyone to fall through it, no one had bothered to conceal the discarded hole in the ground. Just as my mum decided to return to the empty house, I realised how boring the stones and sandy mud was. I wanted something new to play with. The first thing that caught attention, was the old, grey and forsaken well. I slowly put my new skills in to action; walking. As I peered through the dark aperture, I saw a glossy thing; I sought after it. As I stretched my arm down through the diminutive opening, I had reached the item that grasped my interest. It was stuck, so I started pulling. ...read more.


They thought that the operation would be simple. I perceived this as they both kept repeating how instantaneous the rescue would be. They obviously hadn't thought things through. More waiting. I wanted to escape. The pipe was thin. The walls were slippery and jagged. There was no light, except the yellow slice of afternoon sunlight. I hadn't realised how much time had passed. I was cornered forever. I wasn't getting out. Minutes, which seemed like hours, swiftly disappeared. I had no idea of what was going to happen, more so, what was happening to me. The policeman, accompanied by my mother, called down, hoping for a reply, "Jessica! Jessica! Mummy's going to get you out soon. Then we'll go to the park with Daddy. It's all going to be O.K." Most people would realise that that meant, you're not getting out soon, if ever. I was only three and a half old... All of a sudden, the ground started vibrating vigorously; I thought that it was an earthquake. Providentially, I was told it was borer (an extremely outsized drill, used to make gaping holes in the ground, quickly). Hours passed by. Still trapped. This time, with more voices, more footsteps. My mother had to stay in the house to avoid the press and any more anxiety from them or the situation. ...read more.


After a much-required rest, I had awoken. Most feared the worst, as I wasn't making a sound or replying to the hollers made. Abruptly, a metal rod poked through underneath my feet, escorted by an avalanche of rock. The rock plummeted to the bottom of the well. It took a while to reach the substructure; that could have been me. Was I to fall to my death, or was someone going to liberate me and return me to my parents. "Jessica. I'm here to get you out. Wait a minute." A male had come to my salvage. His arm emerged from behind the pile of rubble. He grabbed on to my leg and tried to pull me. I was stuck. In fact, I was the splits position. My leg had broken and dislocated from my hip. "I CAN'T GET HER OUT, SHE'S STUCK!" He bellowed out to the other people on ground level. "Pull. Break her bones if you have to. Just get her out. Her bones can be fixed afterwards, but we need her out alive!" a doctor advised him... "Aaaaaggggghhhhh!" I screamed and cried in pain as the man pulled me through the small outlet. I knew that I had been saved, but everyone else lingered apprehensively. "Jessie!" My mother dashed towards me and seized me from my saviours arms. Paramedics rushed to the scene. I was taken again from my mother. She pursued the professionals accompanied by my father. We all boarded the ambulance, having absconded from danger. No longer trapped. By Surjeet Mann ...read more.

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