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Trapped I woke up at about 10am, and I was really happy because it was my 15th birthday party that night

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Trapped I woke up at about 10am, and I was really happy because it was my 15th birthday party that night. "O my gosh!!" I screamed, when I realized I was in this huge room with a really big bed just like a queen. I got really scared, got out of the bed; I couldn't help noticing the view of the garden. It was beautiful, colourful flowers and tall trees; I've never seen a garden this beautiful. I turned around; there was a calendar on the wall. IT WAS 2018! I couldn't believe it so I ran to see myself in the mirror, and I looked old! My hair was really long and my face looked older. I'm pretty sure I was still a teenager last night! I was so confused, I didn't know what to do or say, I mean last night was 2006 and now it seemed to be 2018, wouldn't you get confused? I was walking in the room, looking around and I saw this photograph on the wall, it was beautiful, a happy family. Just like the family I always wished to have. In the photo there were two beautiful little girls and a really cute man and this lady. ...read more.


I stared at Ben in disbelief! "Kell, Kelly" Ben said "O, sorry" I said smiling "I have to leave for work; Joe's picking me up in five minutes" "Joe" I thought loudly "yes... the driver" said Ben "course... sorry" "stop apologising honey" he kissed me and said bye Ben left and I went around the house and every time someone saw me they'd say; "morning ma'am" and I kept thinking they were talking to someone else so I kept looking around to see who they were talking to. As I was walking and looking around someone came up to me and said; "Ma'am you're mother is on the phone for you" "thank you" I said and tried to figure out where the phone was without making it too obvious. After twenty minutes talking on the phone to my mum, I felt that my ear was half cooked; she carried on talking none stop, and all she wanted to say was "happy birthday darling." Later I saw my best friend and I was surprised that we were still best friends. "Happy birthday, kell" she said handing her present to me I grabbed her hand and took her upstairs to tell her everything. ...read more.


I woke up and it was really weird because I could hardly open my eues and I couldn't see clearly. I tried to open my eyes and I di but only a little I didn't know where I was I mean I wasn't in my room in 2006 and I wasn't in my room in 2018. Does that mean that I have travelled in time again? I looked around and there were three nurses standing next to my bed. "Where am I?" I said "I'm sorry honey, you had an accident last night" the nurse said "Where's Annie?" I said "I'm here." Annie replied, holding a blanket very tightly. I looked around and I saw James standing next to her, also holding a blanket tightly "Your husband is having an operation" one of the nurses said "he's going to be fine. You have nothing to worry about." After waiting what seemed a few hours the nurses brought Ben in my room. I was speechless when I saw him, his face was bruised and he could hardly talk. "They can leave next week." I heard the doctor telling Annie and James. I closed my eyes thinking that I was very lucky. Even though bad things happen in life we can't just sit somewhere and worry; we only live once and we should try and enjoy it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sadaf Pourzand English coursework ...read more.

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