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Trapped In a Thought Storm.

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TRAPPED IN A THOUGHT STORM A SHORT STORY BY MARK A. BUCHANAN The race was finally here. The World Rally Championship. Who would be crowned Rally Champion 2003? As I stepped into the drivers seat of my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V, I heard the crowd go mad as I watched John Fitzgerald, one of the best Rally drivers in the world, and also my best friend and team mate, move up to his place in the starting line up in his Evolution VI: the newest model of the Mitsubishi Lancer. I rolled up beside him and gave him the thumbs up. Above all the chaos and loud cheers (and jeers) from the crowd I could still hear John giving me one last piece of advice "Stay tight on the shoulder until the last lap, then we break". As usual John was trying to allow me to win. Our engines ignited. The starting lights flashed on showing red, then silence until the green light flicked on and sent us off on our Championship race. The majority of the race went without a hitch until we reached the final hairpin in the last lap. I was tight on the shoulder in second place with John just in front, John gave his signal for us to break but I had already pulled out of the hairpin. Before I knew what was happening I had clipped the tail end of John's car and sent him spinning into the solid, reinforced concrete barrier. ...read more.


"Dear God, help me." And as if all my life's tiredness had fallen onto me at this one time I fell asleep, a dreamed. I was on a beach in the middle of a great storm; with every flash and thunder crack of thunder and lightening I saw scenes of my life flashing before me. Amazing colours filled the sky: red like my blood, orange like the flame, yellow like the sun, purple like the robes of kings passed. Rain was falling on my skin, but I did not shiver. I felt warm. Stepping up unto a rock I looked from the sky to the sea. In amazement I stared at waves pounding against the rocks with more force than I could ever imagine possible. Further out, beyond the great rocks water spouts beyond recognition twisted and turned between each other; the sight was breathtaking. I turned my head back inland to see a great cliff face of sandstone with seams of quartz running through it. As I stepped down from the rock and walked towards the cliff face I noticed that the dazzling colours of the sky were being reflected off the quartz. The warm light made by these reflections rebounded off my face as I came closer. I looked at my hands to see that they too were coloured in these amazing colours. It was as if I could feel the colours soak into my very being and light up inside me. ...read more.


I heard someone call my name. "Mark, Mark!" Then suddenly, I woke up; I was back in the cell, the door open and in the doorway stood my Dad. He smiled. The two police officers who had brought me here stood with him, one of them stepped inside "Please, come with us, Mr Buchanan" His voice was stern but subtle. Not harsh the way I had imagined it to be. He turned and walked out of the cell. Reluctantly, I followed... 4 YEARS LATER... The rain was horrendous. I watched it wash down the windscreen of John's new Rally car: hand made from America. The Mitsubishi Team had sent it yesterday. And today John was racing for the Championship. He came up to the last hairpin and glided round to face the finishing line; with a switch of gears he was on the home stretch. As he crossed the finishing line I hear the crowd go mad with enthusiastic cheers for the new World Rally Champion. That was John's dream, of course, and he had finally achieved it. John had fully recovered from the accident four years ago. But the memory is still there. I sometimes think of the dream I had back in the cell. The colours in the sky, the water spouts in the sea, the colours reflected off the quartz in the wall. I realised one very important thing that day. My life was nothing without friends and family to help me through bad times and to laugh with me through the good. Family is everything. ...read more.

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