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Trapped. Snow started to tumble off the top of the mountains. The world came toppling down. Even though it was crumbling and collapsing at a super high speed

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Adam Hatton 10AY Trapped Whizzing down the white, chilly, snowy slopes, reaching speeds of 110kph, the cold was stinging my face. I weaved in and out of trees down the horrifyingly high mountain. Gliding along on a 1 inch snowboard, I could taste the ice cold snow flickering up into my mouth. I was half blind as it stuck to the front of my blue goggles, which it was obscuring my view. My friend, Joe, was right behind me. I could just see the rising ramp ahead. I squatted slightly to prepare for and easy elevation. I hit the metal hard and lost balance. As I flew through the air, the white dust was swept off my goggles. Then I realised I was spinning around 30 feet in the air. The world spun past as I plummeted like deadweight. Joe was screaming, his voice fading louder and quieter as I was changing directions. Slam! ...read more.


I was frozen. Trapped. Every part of my body went numb, including my brain. Darkness fell. I just lay there, thinking I was dead but I wasn't. I felt my heart beating replicating louder than a drum. I could hear my breathing, deep and rapid. My mouth was full of bitter snow. My head was throbbing. I slowly opened my eyes with a mass of effort; they felt like they were swimming in a thick fog, arduous to see anything. I wrenched my neck from right to left; nothing. The world was blacker than a witch's cat. Where was I? Was I really dead? Silence echoed all around me. I whipped out my lighter sharply. I ignited it and glanced around. I was within a cave entrance. A chamber. A hollow cavity. The rocky walls were encrusted in mould and moss. ...read more.


Then I thought about my family, wandering where I was, setting out for local parks to put up pictures of me with "MISSING" written underneath. It must have 4 hours I remained with this black blanket over my eyes; obstructing light. I just lay there, motionless. It felt like perpetuity, just lay there, motionless. I wondered what my funeral would be like. I imagined white flowers arranged around an empty mahogany coffin. I saw my family, my friends and my work colleagues mourning for me. There was no doubt that there was no way out of this nightmare. Would I die of thirst? Hunger? Or a silent painless death. Out of the darkness of the night, the end of a pick axe came thrusting through the snow above me. As it withdrew from it's position, a tiny beam of sunlight bashed into the ground next to my ear. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Had somebody found me? Or was it all an illusion of my imagination? ...read more.

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