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Trapped. Unable to breathe, all I can see is the floor a few meters away. My skinny body is bent double and I appear to be held off the safe ground by rope. In fact I am enclosed by rope and cannot move.

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Trapped Today is a day I have longed for all my life. The day when i become a man. For twelve years I was told, 'no' and 'your time will come'. but today is that day and everything is perfect. The sky is a clear blue and the crisp green grass is still wet with dew. The sun is rising and the forest we will hunt in is in view. The beautiful blue against the vast mass of green is a sight I have only been told of. Now to see it straight ahead of me is like being fed the most glorious food after a thousand years of starvation. Father breaks the steady rhythm of our walk and calls my name. "Jesepe, I have told you many times of the white man that have invaded our lands. Today is the first time, as you know, that you will be hunting with the rest of our tribe. Some of the tale you have heard of the white man have truth to them, but most are pure myth. Before you enter the forest I need to educate your innocent mind." Father continued to speak for what seemed to me a lifetime. He paused and finally said, "Remember all I have taught you and be alert at all times and in everything you do. ...read more.


"AAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Unable to breathe, all I can see is the floor a few meters away. My skinny body is bent double and I appear to be held off the safe ground by rope. In fact I am enclosed by rope and cannot move. I'm trapped! "FATHER HELP ME! HELP ME!!!" There is no response and I have seen none of our tribe. Surely they have realised I am missing for the light is slowly fading. I must have been here all evening and I'm beginning to get scared. Burning tears of pure desperation pour down my clammy face. Sudden a rush of anger wells up deep inside of me, for I have only just this moment figured it out. This is a white man's trap, and I have been caught. My spear is lying motionless on the forest floor. If only I had not been so foolish to let it go then breaking free from this imprisonment would be easy. I have no sharp implements and no way of freeing myself. Last night was the longest, most lonely and terrifying night of my life. I slept a mere few hours, but awoke to find my crotch damp. The hare I proudly killed, the day before, is underneath me, every bone in its body must be broken. ...read more.


A shooting pain darts up my arm as the bone slices through my flesh, my blood begins to mix with the hare's. At last I have cut through the rope, now only three more pieces and I will be free. Painfully as I crash down onto the damp floor I see it is now dark. Weeping like a new born puppy looking for warmth, I squirm on the forest floor. I force myself back up, I force myself to walk. As I struggle through the endless darkness, my eyes latch onto a sight that I have dreamed of for days. Like a giant fire fly, I see our camp fire burning brightly in the distance. Tripping and falling as I run to the light; tears of a different nature run off my cheeks, these are tears of sheer happiness. "Father, father?" I scream for comfort. The strong, firm, loving grasp that is my father's finds my trembling arm. After a reassuring hug I'm led back to camp in silence. My tribe's faces break into smiles as they see it is me with Father. The once blazing fire is now nothing but smoldering ashes as I finish the events of what happened. Being patted on the head and shoulders by my family tells me that I have done them proud. Laughter and talk fills the camp once more and my name within our tribe is decided. From now I am known as Hareclaw, Hareclaw the man. ...read more.

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