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Traumatised - A Short Story

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Traumatised Although it may lead to her death, Hazel was about to tell Dr Preston what had happened. The only sound she could hear was the deep ticking of the clock placed neatly upon the shelf and the pounding of her thoughts against her skull. Hazel tried to avoid Dr Preston's eyes as she waited for the right moment to let it all out. " Come on Hazel, my job is to help people in your situation." Said Dr Preston soothingly, " Nothing bad can happen to you once you've told me. Everything you tell me in here is confidential." Hazel took a deep breath wondering where to start. " It all started one day when I was surfing the net. At that time I was absolutely fascinated by the strange world of witchcraft. Most of the sites were advertisements trying to get people to buy witch toys or buy the Harry Potter books but one particular site caught my eye. It said, "The Natural World of Witchcraft." As I went into the site they asked me whether I wanted to become a member and I gave them all my details with no hesitations. This was probably the worst mistake I had ever made. They had told me that I wasn't allowed to mention them to any one. Although I didn't realise it at the time- I was trapped!" At these words Hazel felt a tear fall quickly down the side of her face and settle in her ear. " Two weeks later, a girl came to my door. She was dressed in a black robe covering every part of her body except her bright green eyes. ...read more.


I couldn't understand why. Were they brainwashed? Didn't they see anything wrong with what they were doing? As I looked up, I realised Craig had left me and I saw him standing there with Gavin and his companion. I started to walk to the fire until an embarrassing voice boomed across a loud speaker, 'Please place your robe on the pile.' I remembered what Craig told me, 'Do whatever they tell you and you won't be killed.' I pulled my robe off and stood watching the fire for a while. I moved my eyes from the fire to above the fire and saw a thick pole with two puppies and a big dog tied to it. At the sight of this I couldn't stop myself I broke down into tears. I fell to the floor and screamed and screamed. There I lay naked, nobody knew where I was and I was in a cult that burnt dogs and who knows what they did to young girls. I had nothing better to do. 'Please join the celebration!' said the loud speaker. I didn't move. 'Please join the celebration!' repeated the loudspeaker. I slowly got up, still crying and walked towards the fire and copied the dance that they were doing. We danced for about an hour and I cried throughout the hour. It felt so much like a nightmare and I hated the fact that I knew it wasn't. 'We have a new member, Hazel, my lovely mistresses!' blasted the loudspeaker. All the women stopped dancing round the fire and started shouting, 'Initiation!' repeatedly, staring at me. 'All right, all right! ...read more.


My parents died, ages ago and I have no other family left and I live on you. I always know where you are and what you're doing. I'm totally in love with you, Hazel.' 'Take me home!' I demanded 'Take me home right now! If you loved me so much you would never have put me through all this. Not only did I have to sleep with you but I had to sleep with Gavin and see al those mad women dance around those poor innocent dogs! What are you going to do now Craig, eat the dogs? You make me sick!' 'Ok I'll take you home,' said Craig softly. 'And I am really sorry.' He took me through a certain door next to his bed and we both walked to the black gate in silence. It was dark and cold and I had no clothes on. He drove me back home and parked down at the end of the road where they picked me up. He pulled me up close to him and kissed me again but I pulled away. I walked back down the road not noticing that I was naked and all the passers by had clothes on. I was too busy thinking about Craig. I was still confused. A month later, I found out that I was pregnant at fifteen years old. So I came to you to ask if you can help me because I have no idea which of the two is the father and I also have no idea how I am going to tell my parents. Craig told me not to tell anyone because his friends are capable of anything. If anyone spoils their cult they will most probably be killed! ...read more.

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