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Travel and tourism

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Travel and tourism 1. Compare the views of tourism expressed in text 2 with those of some of the other texts. In text 2 "Backpackers hit the tourist trail" written by Sarah Hall there is a bad view of tourism and especially backpackers. The article claims, based on a two-year study of 50.000 backpackers, that backpackers nowadays are no different from the rest of the holidaymakers. They are no longer a special kind of tourists who wants to explore new cultures and travel around the world to find themselves. According to the new research made by Heba Aziz who is a lecturer in tourism the backpackers are not interested in the local people and do not want to learn about their culture. They avoid the local cuisine at the places they visit and instead they eat pizza, pancakes and milkshakes - the fast food they are used to from their own country. But apparently all tourists are not like this. In text 1 we meet Don George who I will describe as the perfect tourist. He loves to travel, explore new cultures and he loves that everyone around him is speaking another language. ...read more.


Now we know that not every tourist is like tourists are described in text 2. But what about the destinations? What happens to them when they get visited by mass tourism? According to text 2 it's "countdown to doomsday" when a place gets described in Lonely Planet because everybody then wants to visit that exact spot. Heba Aziz studies have also showed that there now are filled with different kinds of coffee shops with boasting names to attract attention at places where there was only desert sand before. This and the fact that they sell pizza and all the other kinds of fast food in the East show us that the places get affected by the culture of the tourists and they develop in their direction and soon maybe all countries adopt the western culture. The same issue is discussed in text 4. In this text the view of tourism is almost the same as in text 2. Pico Iyer who is the writer of the text says that every tourist brings a new development to the places he visits. ...read more.


In the text Pico Iyer writes "As tourists, we have reason to hope that the quaint anachronism we have discovered will always remain "unspoiled," as fixed as a museum piece for our inspection." He uses a museum as a symbol of something perfect and the use of the word museum is very good to throw the things into relief - of cause they want to have TV's and motorbikes too, as he writes in the text. 3. Discuss who benefits from backpacker tourism. The one to benefit from backpacker tourism is first of all the backpacker himself. He will hopefully get some good experiences on the trip and have some great memories to keep like Don George in text 1 and Mark Moxon in text 2. People who live off tourism at the popular destinations do also benefit from backpacking tourism. This could be a diving instructor in Thailand; if there weren't any backpackers and other tourists, he wouldn't have a job. Others who benefits from backpacker tourism are the travel agencies who organize backpacking tours. It could also be the restaurants (maybe only the ones who serve pizza:)), the motels where the backpackers are staying and the people who sell backpacking equipment. ?? ?? ?? ?? 9. oktober 2008 TRAVEL AND TOURISM ...read more.

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