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Travel Writing.

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English Essay Travel Writing I press play on my MiniDisc player in perfect synchronization with the start of my long, boring, routine journey to work. I've travelled to work so many times that I know the exact length of an ordinary journey to the nearest second, so I made a MiniDisc to last the journey and no more or no less. But this was not a ordinary journey. There is only one thing I can think of that annoys me more than trains, and that is trams. Unfortunately I have to catch both of these to get to work each and every summer holiday. Trains are just always late, always slow, always expensive and always smelly, so they aren't the ideal place you want to be at 6 in the morning, but Trams are different, they are on time, don't smell, cheap but they still wouldn't beat a tortoise in a 100m sprint. ...read more.


You might find this selfish and horrible but I was not happy, I had gone from song 7 to song 9 and we had only moved a length of a football pitch. It had thrown my timing way off course. As people started gathering around and blocking my view of the track, police and ambulance sirens began to get louder and louder until a police car screeched to a halt right outside my window. Instead of looking at my watch to get a glimpse of the time I looked at my MiniDisc player, and sure enough I was going to be very late, in fact while I was still outside East Croydon station I should have been approaching Wimbledon Tram station getting ready for my 10 minute walk to my workplace. ...read more.


I have to say I have never felt so embarrassed in all my life, so I made a dash for the door and jumped off the tram. "Adam, talk to me!" my dad continued to shout down the phone, "Oh sorry dad, I was just getting of the tram" "The tram?? I told you last night that work is closed today! In case you forgot we're going up to my mums!" I hung up and began to walk back up the hill to the station just laughing to myself, I had totally forgotten about my dad's phone call last night about work being closed and that we were going to go and see my grandparents! I wish I had had a camera to take a photo of my dad's face when I opened the car door, sat in the seat, smiled and said "C'mon dad were late, my MiniDisc has stopped" Adam Charlton Travel Writing 30/04/2007 ...read more.

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