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Travel Writing

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Original Writing Coursework Travel Writing It was a long but non eventful journey to Lowestoft by train. And when I got there it didn't get much better. I didn't see very much of the town but to be honest, I saw more than I would have liked to. Due to my immaculate map-reading skills, I took the wrong exit out of the station and went the wrong way. I took the first left, then the first right as the map said, but a couple of things seemed not-quite-right. Firstly, I was suddenly on a road with three lanes going both ways whilst the map showed a small road and secondly, I seemed to be walking uphill. And the little common sense that I had made me realise that it was rather unlikely that the sea was uphill. I only noticed this hill because I was carrying a week's-worth of clothes and offshore sailing kit in a holdall with no wheels. I also had some welly boots (substitution for my broken sailing boots) swinging in a plastic bag hanging off the 40l Berghaus holdall. The strap was rubbing against my shoulder and it was sore. Anyway, once I'd stopped feeling sorry for myself, I decided to ask how to get to the Lowestoft Haven Marina so I stopped two big men driving a Toyota pick-up truck whilst drinking beer. "I don't know," they said in unison as though it was programmed into them So I asked where the seafront was hoping to get a bit more of an answer. But I wasn't in luck. "I don't know," repeated the one with the 'Metallica' band picture printed across his black t-shirt. The other one just smiled revealing flashing white, bleached teeth. ...read more.


I woke up, unsurprisingly, but Scott managed to stay fast asleep! I was woken up a second time at 6.30am to be up on deck by 7am. When I got back on deck, I looked at the horizon and we'd just gone past the white cliffs of Dover. As beautiful as the scenery was, I was disappointed to look behind the boat and I still see the English shore but apparently, we hadn't got very far because the wind had dropped a lot during the night. The other watch went in to sleep until 10am (lucky buggers) while we continued to sail to France. The wind picked up throughout the day and then suddenly dropped just before we got to the French harbour. Perfect. The harbour was in Boulogne-Sur-Mer. We had some well deserved showers; the first since we got onboard. We also went around the town and bought some fresh fruit. Woo! Fresh food is really nice when you've been eating freeze-dried mush for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We got a whole night sleep that night. It was my second night on board John Laing but I'd completely lost track of time with the strange, new, bizarre, awkward sleeping routine. On the third day (the 30th of August) we left the harbour at 10am. I prepared breakfast with Martin/Gingerman and we all ate together. Breakfast was great fun despite the large amount of washing up. After we'd set off, I spent most of the day up on deck because seasickness was a problem when I was below deck. However, I prepared lunch with Brad and that was fine. In fact, compared to my usual cooking standards, it was great! ...read more.


around it. You're probably starting to imagine what eating was like on board. This meal of Mexican tortilla wraps was actually done to improve teamwork, as there was one bowl of each filling so you had to ask about 8 people just to get hold of a slice of cucumber. After dinner, tea, supper or whatever you want to call it (we had many discussions about what it should be called!), we stayed up a lot of the night and had lots of laughs. We were, however, glad that this was going to be our last night on those awfully uncomfortable beds. Wednesday morning we had a huge clean up. First we raced to pack our bags and because I was one of the first to finish, I chose to clean the decks. I was up there with Martin and Chris washing oilskins and cleaning the deck; which was another great opportunity to soak everyone with the hose pipe. We went down and helped the others clear the food cupboards of mouldy food. Finally we had a quick debrief and I was a bit upset to see that I didn't get Competent Crew (2nd stage of yachting qualifications) but apparently we hadn't learnt about flares etc. to be honest, I didn't know absolutely anything about flares! The "lot" soon left so sad goodbyes were said and emails and phone numbers were exchanged. I had to wait on the boat for a bit because my parents were going to pick me up so I couldn't leave when the others did. I was really glad when my watch leader offered to teach me about flares and then I was even more over-the-moon when the skipper gave me a signed Competent Crew certificate! YAY! Cami Rothe Form: 10PE Teacher: A. Partington ...read more.

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