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Travel Writing

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ABOVE: Birds eye view of Preston Preston is a striking city, an exciting city, Preston is MY city. For all you people who 'judge a book by its cover'. STOP! Right now, because Preston is not just about historical background and boring old museums. You get the night life through out the whole week. When ever I go to a club I make great friends, the people of Preston I've got to say are very friendly. With the city buses, (which I use all the time) they are fast, reliable and better still, inexpensive. If I am in the mood to have abit of privacy whilst I'm traveling I use the taxi service affordable fares, and friendly drivers which comes free with the ride, also not forgetting our train service which ...read more.


When you get to the end of the shops, or even quite bored, you can wander to the market square where there is mostly something to do, why not sit on the big Ferris wheel so you can enjoy looking at Preston through a birds eye view? Better still, instead of looking at the modern Preston of today, you might wish to learn about the history of Preston; by just walking across the road where you will find the Harris museum, you can wander inside and go up the stairs to see one of the latest exhibitions. When you have finished that you can go into the adult library which is just down a flight of stairs, where you can devour one book after another, whether you want read about Preston's history, or you just wish to do some light reading. ...read more.


then, you have got the super market Morrisons just round the corner, you can pick up a healthy hearty salad if you wish. If you're tired and want to put your feet down, then why not go and watch a movie, in Preston's most popular cinema 'Odeon', if you're the romantic type then you can watch the major hit film, 'P.S I LOVE YOU', this will definitely make you sad and cry. If you're a much more comedy type of film person, then watch 'ST TRIANIANS' this film will make you laugh to the very end. Still doesn't suit you? Then you can pick from over a number of films to suit your mood. Preston is my city, my town, and I hope you will make it yours one day as well! ...read more.

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