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Travel Writing - Euro Disney in Paris, France.

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GCSE - English - Coursework - John Stamps Travel Writing Euro Disney in Paris, France From the back seat of my car, I looked on as the Mickey Mouse signs flew past my window. Up Mickey's long drive we drove, many others joined us in our journey to Disney, like a group of small children flocking towards a melodic ice cream van. A large Mickey was visible in the distance perched upon a wide banner coated in sparkling magic. Under this elaborate banner we drove, feeling the magic that Walt Disney had created, thrust upon us. The anticipation was building as the wonderful world of films and fun grew nearer and nearer. On and on the highway continued, round to the left and round to the right, we followed in line, lemmings watching each other's heels. ...read more.


My childish qualities were taking over, my impatience and selfishness kidnapping my thoughts and seducing me into getting where the juvenile fun was ASAP! Finally the end of the seemingly endless escalator was nearing my toes. Off the long long torture device I hopped, back on solid Disney ground again, towards the breath taking golden sparkly gates of Disney I skipped, forgetting previous problems or dilemmas. As I grew nearer to the gates, I looked around and could feel the excitement in this energy hot spot, Disney seemed to me like the meeting point of fun! To my right, amongst the perfectly trimmed, faultless shapes of the grand green trees, boldly stood a royal statue of Walt Disney with his most famous creation Mickey Mouse. The two superstars looked on at their park, wide eyed staring at the thousands flocking into their playground and workplace, watching on as the people buzzed around like bees entering the hive. ...read more.


In front of a vast building with MGM studios plastered all over I now stood, gazing up at its awesome size as it beckoned me inwards to its pleasure. I looked around this small square in which I now stood, noticing yet another statue of Mickey Mouse, this particular one showed him amongst brooms and buckets, obviously a scene from just one of the masses of Disney classics. To my surprise but great happiness I saw to my right a tall orangey coloured dog, I had come to know well, as Pluto. Pluto was crowded with people of all nationalities, all recognising this animal and all loving him. My first impressions of Walt Disney land in Paris were ones of greatness and Disney-scale brilliance. Personal and National differences were put aside inside this magical, neutral worlds of Disney where the local language was neither French nor English but the smiles and laughter of Disneyish. ...read more.

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