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Travel writing on Africa

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I entered the room: the bed sheets were yellow, the floor was dark and murky, the smell was lingering and damp, the walls were disfigured and hollow. This was the first impression of mine when I walked into the orphanage of the nearby war torn village in Africa. Here I was told of a man who was educated enough to tell me of his dreadful and gloomy past. He started by telling me about his kidnapping by the local militia ... He began by introducing to me the place of his isolation during the kidnapping After wobbling to a hard landing on the airfield, our dusty little party was driven off in an SUV with tinted windows. ...read more.


After being held here for many months I was finally taken before a judge who was to try me as an enemy of the state of Zaire. Here, the affable judge who was to try us as enemies of the state bought us sickly sweet mint tea. By the end, I was even playing chess with the jailer who administered 40 lashes to town drunks under Shariah, the religious laws enforced under conservative Islam. The whip-man's name was Salah. To him the beatings were a job. At night he studied microbiology. During my last night in the ghost house in Kinshasa, I endured my longest interrogation at the hands of an army colonel named Abdullah. ...read more.


Time and again we seem to forget about those of us who are less content and those of us who have less to like and less to do but work in the field trying to merely stay alive. Every second that he lived, he lived under the fear and thought that he would die and always thought of those who thought of him. Spare a thought for those who live in fear of death day in-day out. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori "It is sweet and fitting to die for one's country." To those who fought in the making of the Democratic Republic of Congo these people include: Soldiers, children and civilians and everybody else. ?? ?? ?? ?? Written by: Iyaaz Matadar ...read more.

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