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Travel Writing The heat hit my chest like a bat to a ball. I take my first step onto the 'American Soil'

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Travel Writing The heat hit my chest like a bat to a ball. I take my first step onto the 'American Soil'. As you look around you can see that the immense inferno has had the same impact on them. The jumper comes off, then the t-shirt as you usually get cold in a flying tin can; till their left in that of found on page 72, issue 19 in the Ann Summers catalogue. The taxies rally up one after the other, after the other, after the other. As usual we seem to pick the most extreme and intense driver, he even manages to fit 3 suitcases into the boot of a small hatchback. Michael is his name, which was not surprising as he strikes one as to be the next Michael Schumacher. Swerving from lane to lane, centimetres from other cars. The rush, danger and madness, was exhilarating as the taxi took flight like an eagle to the open air.. Dad reluctantly wrote down his number in case we would need it again. Arriving at our motel turning out to look quite pleasant from the outside but then again there is an inside. The vacation is on a peak the motel, the beach, clear blue skies and the Sun; which seems to disappear as a shadow is cast over me. A 6 foot, 200 pound sweaty heap of meat stood in front of us. It only walked about 10 feet each second appeared to have produced sweat gland. ...read more.


It was getting late by now and they should have been back, my entertainment has gone home and my eyelids were becoming like yo-yo's up and down and up and down. 'BEEP! BEEP!' the alarm, my uncle unlocked the car, I look round to see that they have come back with 2 trolleys full of food and drink. Oreo's the no.1 American biscuit. Instructions on the side of the box as to how you should eat it. Typical, step 1 split open, step 2 lick creamy centres, step 3 dunk into milk and step 4 eat! This just puts an emphasis on the stereotypical look on American - that their stupid! Woken up now we begin on our monstrous of a journey back to our motel. Getting back seemed quicker as I remembered objects like a British mini with a lobster o it with "Lobster for just $4.99" being shouted out of the loudhailer. Mother once we arrived started over the plan for tomorrow. This was to much to handle at this moment in time so I rushed to my room dodging the lizards and flies trapping them outside so they couldn't get in. "Nish! Nish!" rise and shine mum belted from the toilet just across the hall. "Its 0800 hundred hours wake up!" today's the day; mum's usual harassment to get me out of bed didn't bother me as it usually does. "We have an 8 hour journey! Hurry up!" and on that note, I wanted to go straight back to bed. ...read more.


Running in the lines, we catch a glimpse of dad and run advancing to him. I am hungry and so dad with one eye fixing on the machine he tells us to go and order room service, whatever we want. Not going to argue with that we map out our route to get to the lift. Giving up within the first thought we decide to duck down and cut across through the machines hoping not to catch the birds of prey. Despite what dad said we order one dish and right in that as well the portion was humongous we still had some to spare and left it outside for there was no doubt that someone might have a quick French Fri on their way. Drifting off to sleep there was sure to be another big day tomorrow. Waking up to a canon firing, startling me I perched at the window to investigate. It was a play giving a positive impression and mum agrees. Getting ready mum looked at what was the best way to get to the 'Pirate Treasure' dad quite rightly saying follow the Bang! However, exhilarating as it will be I can't wait to go to arcade. After viewing the theatrical phenomenon on the streets of Las Vegas, we manage to distract our parent's with the roulette wheel so we can rapidly move to the casino. Where we buy a radio as we raised enough to buy it at 3000 tokens in the after noon and evening. It is an amazing experience from stepping onto the soil to present moment. But, our flight is in an hour and I don't want to finish the 'American Dream!' just yet. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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