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Travel Writing: There's No Place Like Home!

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Travel Writing: There's No Place Like Home! I took a final look around my room to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. Feeling depressed, yet eager to go home, I walked out of the room lugging my suitcase behind me, as I carefully closed the door. I entered the elevator sorrowfully. I pressed the button to go to the lobby where I would be able to check out and hand back the key. The door opened and I stepped outside, still dragging my immensely heavy suitcase! I strolled to the reception desk and gave the receptionist the key with the number '319' accurately engraved on the gold key chain. "Have a safe trip home", he said with a warm pleasant smile on his face. "Thank you", I replied politely, and walked off. I liked that receptionist. He was incredibly welcoming and hospitable. I saw a few fellow students walking towards the hotel's exit. I ran rapidly in order to catch up with them. We stepped outside together. The cold wind stinging us sharply. ...read more.


A friend of mine smacked me on my back because she was wearing heels and her feet hurt a lot from walking so much! On our way to Burger King, we passed a police office, which didn't bring back a lot of nice memories. On our way to Burger King, we saw a police shoot a guy dead! Oh, what a horrible sight! He stole a bag or something rather, so they shot him! Publicly! After I got beaten up, shouted at and cursed at for not being hungry anymore, we went shopping. We didn't spend forever shopping though, because they announced our flight as we left the second shop. From all that running around, I was dehydrating but didn't have anything to drink. So, I paid a classmate to buy me a bottle of water. Surprisingly, he did! I sat chatting to some friends, when I saw Kareem running back with my frozen water bottle! It cost me five Euros though! Drinking that water was a dream! I could feel the icy water tickling my throat as it went down the windpipe and onto my stomach! It felt exceedingly refreshing! ...read more.


They dumped us in an abominable, paltry hotel. Yes, dumped us! The hotel was huge but unimaginably disorganized! We spent a fair amount of time looking for our room. We found '514' and '516' but failed to find '515' (our room!). we later discovered that all the odd numbers are on side of the hotel and the even numbers on another! We went to breakfast. The milk was yellow and the food was repulsive! I went back to my room feeling sick! I understood then what the worker at the desk in Holland meant by a discouraging country. As a matter of fact, I felt the same way! I fell asleep. Fifteen minutes later, the phone rang. It was my teacher telling me that they found a plane to take us home! I nearly flew to the lobby! We went to the airport and found out that we had a jumbo jet to take us home. There was no one on board the plane except our school and two other fine gentlemen when the plane took off. We landed safely in Cairo after a day of living hell! I'm sure you'll agree! Noha Gaafar S3A English ...read more.

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