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Travel Writing: Whistler.

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Travel Writing: Whistler White Rocky Mountains spreading further than the eye can see coupled with breath-taking scenery around every corner that never ceases to surprise and in the middle of this skier's paradise hundreds of nationalities together ready to join in the fun. Whistler is a place that is on most skiers' wish list. The resort is only two hours drive from Vancouver and leads you through valleys with towering mountains all around you in national parks that are outstandingly beautiful. Stepping into the apartments is like stepping into a movie. Large spacious rooms with luxuries you would never have thought of. Large ornate wooden side tables holding wide screen satellite televisions in every room. Subtle decorated bedrooms with the biggest beds you have ever seen it is like a dream come true! One of the many reasons to come to Whistler is the friendliness of the people; they are happy where ever you go and enjoy the winter experience whether it is just sledging or a massive snowball fight! ...read more.


No grownups know about it because the track is too small for them. The castle itself is no bigger than a house, brightly coloured with slides running down to the entrance. Although the special clothes for skiing weighed you down it is still fun to go down even though at the end you tend to get pelted with snowballs. The castle is brilliant for snowball fights especially if you were with ski school. Ski school normally can be quite boring but not here! The teacher asks you what you want to do and helps you along the way. The first priority is always to have fun, not ski all day. When I went to ski school I knew no one but ended up meeting lots of new friends and having a great time as well as improving my skiing! The best time to ski the seven thousand acres of ski terrain is after a fresh fall of snow. ...read more.


The restaurants will suit everyone as they range form Mac Donald's to the finest Italian restaurants. I tried the Old spaghetti factory. When you enter this restaurant it is like going into a secret cave as it is underground situated in the middle of the town. The restaurant is candle lit with lots of d�cor like old skis and objects associated with the local area. There are a wide variety of dishes from spaghetti and meatballs to steak and chips. If you are on a low budget the old spaghetti house will offer you the best deal as you get your moneys worth and there is a really affable atmosphere around you. However if you have buckets of money to spend then go with Portobello's it is a good place to celebrate a brilliant holiday with mouth-watering food and the finest wine. The waiters are hospitable and do everything to ensure that you are having the best time possible! Alice Goode 1 ...read more.

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