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Travel writing

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Travel writing Spain. A wonderful country with a different culture to any other in the world. With its wonderful scenery jumping out at you and its surprisingly unfamiliar ranges of spicy foods, this and the relaxation was why I wanted to go. But with all its exciting features I was barely able to relax at all. My journey started when I left the plane. The hot breeze immediately hit my soft pink skin and left me with a silent shiver up my spine. I looked around and the setting was beautiful, all I could see was lush green fields, and silent hills with the sun just rising over the top. I stopped staring in amazement and walked over to the airport. It was very neat and tidy with the surrounding trees were giving a scent of coconut. I collected my luggage and whistled down a taxi. ...read more.


I was so surprised. After I had I settled in I went to visit a small bar in the quiet village for my dinner. I ordered an exotic squid and salad dish, with silky red wine and ice. Later on, the order I made arrived the smell was sensational. The freshly caught octopus had a strong scent and was very salty, and the feeling of the ice cold red wine hitting the back of your throat on scorching hot day was breathtaking. After I had finished my dinner I went for a quiet walk through the woodland. I listened to the weird and wonderful sounds of the animals living in there. The sounds were very surprising but they made it very calm and peaceful which was very enjoyable. It began to get dark and the sun was beginning to fall so I headed back to the villa. ...read more.


This showed how passionate the people of Spain are towards their foods. I finished the nachos, eventually, with a burning mouth. I needed to order a glass of fresh strawberry milkshake which was the most refreshing drink I had ever tasted. It left my tongue coldly and slowly sizzling away. It was out of this world. I then went on to my desert which was ice cream and a coffee. The ice cream wasn't like any old ice cream. It was the softest and most smoothest ice cream, with bulky but thin covered cream to create a taste of bubbly ness in my mouth. I then finished the night with a splendid cup of coffee. I could really taste the coffee beans within it. It was gorgeous and the smell was like chocolate mixed with a hint of mint. The smell was just exceptional. For me it had now come to the end of the night, so I walked back to the villa and jumped in my luxurious bed. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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