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Travelogue. My Trip to Korea

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´╗┐My Trip to Korea As impossible as I thought it would be, I was still shivering under the countless number of layers I had on, as the icy, cruel wind blew onto my already frozen face. Before leaving for this trip, my parents made sure that I had more clothes than I?d ever wear, so as to keep warm. At the time I had almost fainted at the constant nags and nudges, but now I couldn?t be more thankful. I squinted through my fogged up sunglasses as the wind continued to blow around me, past the snowy caps of the mountain top to see the majestic scenery hiding behind: a forest of beautiful evergreen trees, a rare glimpse of green in a whole landscape of white ? something I definitely hadn?t expected. Standing in the middle of a steep slope that had been frequently trodden on by tons of skiers, I had an amazing view of what was happening around me. I looked down to see how far I had to go, just to notice three kids staring at me ? probably wondering why I was simply standing there motionless. I smiled and walked over to them, trying to waste as much time as I could before having to inevitably ski down and as I walked, I noticed oddly shaped snowballs in each of their tiny hands and blotches of snow all over their rainbow-coloured outfits. ...read more.


and took a huge step forward with my right foot while planting my right ski pole into the snow, then again the same with my left, and skied down the hill. Although this wasn?t a feeling I hadn?t felt before, the exhilarating rush multiplied as I realised how enjoyable this was rather than terrifying, and was definitely something that someone that lived all their life in Hong Kong couldn?t experience. Despite the wide language barrier, it was obvious there was a different aura to the people here. Although I can?t properly classify both places into different environmental categories of, for example, clean and dirty; I think both my first time coming here, and the general polite and friendliness of people here, added to the fresh experience of this week. Since I wasn?t visiting a particularly wealthy or poor area either, I found the lifestyle somewhat similar to ours, so it was very comfortable. Just as I finished that thought, I skied to a stop at the foot of the hill, instantly longing for more. Then it hit me ? I had made it down alone without the aid of anyone! I yelled in triumph, punching the air. I was about to work my way back up the humongous snow mountain, as the glint of my watch caught my eye, reminding me that it was time for lunch soon. My hunger instantly overwhelmed my desire to ski, and the freezing, yet sun-kissed sow sent a jolt through my body as I collapsed in a heap to take off my ski shoes. ...read more.


On the table opposite us was an old couple, sitting calmly opposite each other as they simultaneously sipped their soup. At first glance their actions seemed to hint some sort of indifference towards each other, but as I looked closer I saw slight smiles that were hidden under their one-track desire to fill their hunger, and I felt an invisible air of endearment between the two. Their wrinkles and white hair didn?t mask the affectionate glow they emitted, even though it was something that could be so easily overlooked. Oddly, watching this reminded me of my parents ? them and their creative yet wildly expensive idea to bond more with me and each other by making more memories on this trip. When they told me that that was their ulterior motive of the vacation, I was sickened with the mushiness and confused as to how that would work ? but in a way, looking at the simple yet affectionate air of a couple bonding by just simply sharing a meal, warmed my heart and I was thankful of their crazy idea; though I made a mental note to tell them that the simplest things, could bring us closer too. With that mental reminder and blissful thought I turned back to my table, only to discover that I was so side-tracked, I hadn?t noticed my food arriving. Pursing my lips together in joy, I picked up the chopsticks I was luckily, so used to using, and began to eat. ...read more.

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