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Treasued Memories

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It was a week before Christmas, mum was being so unfair telling me to get the decorations from the attic, it was ice-cold up in there, I wiped the cobwebs away from my face, they were all sticking to my face, then I noticed a big wooden chest in the corner which I had never seen before covered in dust. I wiped the dust from it and opened it, it creaked as I lifted the top and what I found on top was my old jewelry box, which my Nan had given to me the day before she died, the music still plays swan lake when I lift the top, it was the most beautiful present I had ever received. I remember the day she died, I was about six or seven, mum and dad said I was too young to go to the funeral so I had to stay home and my eldest sister, Hannah had to look after me. ...read more.


Even when we all went out. I remember one holiday when we went out and walked to this restaurant and I had forgotten him so when we got there I made my mum walk back and get him because I thought he would get lonely and be hungry! I can't believe she put him up here im not too old for him, im only 13! I also found some cinema tickets to 'Crossroads'. This was when I went to the cinema with my all time best friend Olivia, I had known her since the day she was born, her dad took us to the cinema to see crossroads, which stars Britney Spears in we were the only ones watching it so we were standing up and dancing and shouting. After the film we went to the arcade because her dad was watching another film and we were waiting. We were in the arcade for and hour or so. ...read more.


My mum and my Aunt got a bit drunk and when they had to move the car somewhere else to make some room for some buses to come into the car park, they drove it so far into the hedge that they didn't realize that the left the headlamps on, So when we woke up the next morning the battery was flat, but luckily there was another English family who had enough room in their car for us, so we went to Disneyland with them, because they were going anyway, and they had a daughter the same age as me so we spent some time together, we had so much fun all the rides were great, but the greatest one was the Indiana Jones one which went backwards which was scary but fun. Suddenly I heard mum shouting for me asking me to bring down the decorations I put the things back into the chest and carried them down, I put it under my bed so now I can look at it as much as I like. By Naomi Freeland ...read more.

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