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Treasure Island

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In this essay we are going to analyze and look into the mysterious man known as Long John Silver. We are going to learn about the ways he influences others, manipulates them and his powerful physical status. All these qualities together really do make him a "remarkable man". Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish author who first published "Treasure Island" in 1883. Stevenson originally wrote the book as "The Sea Cook" but the publishing company would not have the name of a criminal on the front cover of a book so Stevenson changed it to "Treasure Island". He named the character of Long John Silver after a good friend as Stevenson thought of him as a remarkable man but their relationship soon deteriorated. Long John Silver is a one - legged pirate who used to be quartermaster to the treacherous Captain Flint. Long John Silver is a cunning, crafty man who appears friendly and forthcoming but soon shows his true colours as a devious pirate on "Treasure Island". ...read more.


However, in chapter 11 Silver reveals all to Jim as he over hears one of Silver's conversations with the pirates while trying to get an apple out of the apple barrel. He reveals that he is going to get rid of the gentlemen and take over the ship and that he worked for the deadly Captain Flint. Silver also reveals another intellectual side to him that he spread his treasure out into different banks so as no one would get suspicious of him being a pirate. Silver also invested his money on an Inn. This shows he is not like all the other pirates as they blow all their money in six months on rum and all other irrelevant things. Jim is extremely disappointed in Silver and now realises that he is a fake. "I could have killed him through the barrel". Jim tells Captain Smollett and the Squire of what he had heard. The Squire and Captain Smollett felt silly and stupid for letting Silver manipulate them. ...read more.


He says that if they give him the map then he will drop them off somewhere safe and not harm them but Captain Smollett is in no mood to negotiate. "You're either my ship's cook - and then you were treated handsome - or Cap'n Silver, a common mutineer and pirate, and then you can go hang!" Silver knows that he can't get anywhere without Captain Smollett so he is very clever. Silver's confident side is being shown as he feels that he is in control of the situation. Silver always seems to be on the winning side. He would have one foot in each camp, the pirates and the gentlemen. He always seems to change sides and always comes out on the winning one. Even though Silver is being taken back to England to be hung, he still manages to get the gentlemen to say that they will stick up for him in court. Silver has showed us many things in this novel. He has proved that he can appear kind, gentle and intelligent but also behind all the make up is a lean, mean killing machine who will murder anyone in an instant if they get in his way of achieving his goal. ...read more.

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