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Trials of Life.

Extracts from this document...


TRIALS OF LIFE Screams could be constantly heard from Room 6 and it felt like the Bristol Hospital at Lake Dawn would eventually crumble. The screams were coming from a woman who looked young so one would assume she was in her mid 30's. She was wondering if her life was going to end as the doctors urged her to keep pushing and that childbirth could be easy and she would scale through it all amazingly. What they failed to tell her was that there were huge complications involved and a risk in having the baby. Duncan, her husband was quite aware of the situation and she, Gabrielle could see the pain in his eyes, how silent he had been since the last 24 hours when she went into labour. The child would be premature for she was not meant to have the baby until two months later. Every one, unaware of each other, started to pray silently for her and the baby. Six hours later as the air smelt of stale sweat and with she finally gave the last push which brought out the baby but took the life out of her. She did not want to go now, She had to say one last sentence to her husband; Gabrielle struggled with all her might and then it came out as a frantic whisper "I love you Duncan, take care of Shaun". That is what they agreed to name the child and if it was a girl Shemail. They found out it was a boy when they went for a scanner test: that was when he first learnt of the complications his wife was going to have in delivering the baby. He was sad to hear the news and did not know how to break it to Gabrielle, he knew very well how she worshipped the baby she was having and surely would be devastated if she figured it was coming to any harm. ...read more.


There was only one thing she could do as she went to the waiter who had served her thinking she would understand. When the waiter heard she could not afford to pay for her meal, the woman threatened to call the police. She made sure to shout this that it managed to reach the ears of every customer. Theresa felt disgraced and tried to plead but the woman refused and then one of the on-lookers to her surprise asked to pay her bill. He was nicely dressed so she assumed he was rich; he had a friendly smile and looked handsome she thanked him and knew from then on she was in debt to him. Two minutes later as they both strolled down the street and stopped in front of a car, her mouth fell open. The car was beautiful and definitely had class. He asked to drop her off at her destination but she could not accept because she had nowhere to go; she told him and then began to explain what happened since she woke up at the hospital. She knew she could trust him, he had to be a good person with a determination to help, if not, he would not have brought her out of the bird's cage she was in back at the caf´┐Ż and even at this moment, she could see and sense in his eyes that he was moved by her story. "I would help you" he said. "You have suffered a great deal but now I shall be happy to carry your burden for you. I know this is too soon to say but I really admire you and I would do my best to find your family". He took her to a comfortable, small place he disclosed to her was his second home. She felt bad breaching his privacy but he assured her that he was happy to help and would never forgive himself if he had let her slept through his fingers. ...read more.


I found it all hard to take in. I took a pregnancy test- it might have been a stupid thing to do at the time but I guess I just wanted a part of him to be with me; unfortunately that wasn't the case. The doctor said that I would not be able to conceive because of the damage done to my womb. When I was with Sam, I had three miscarriages, the experiences were very bitter but I survived it. I believed..........thought...........I guess I hoped that it would all be okay. I was sad, unhappy, and with the news that I am barren I became annoyed, and frustrated. You can say that I wasn't thinking, all my thoughts were on my dead husband. I wanted to join him.........be with him and I guess I freaked out. I have never told anybody of my life since I met Sam besides Luis and now you. Luis was so caring and even when I thought he will break all contact with me but he surprised me. She smiled to herself as she said this, SURPRISES. He loved surprising me and that's one of the reasons I loved him. He said he loved me and would like to marry me. That was the happiest moment of my life unlike the last time someone said those words to me. This time it was genuine on both sides. John's eyes were filled with tears at her story and on impulse, he grabbed her, hugging so tight as though he was afraid to let her go. They kissed passionately and decided to take their relationship further. Danielle started laughing stupidly and when John asked why she said that if any thing happened to him she would make sure she committed suicide no matter how much his ghost told her not to. They laughed together this time and started to prepare themselves for their future. John had promised to heal her from her pain for it was his job. They confessed their love for each other got married and adopted two beautiful children:Emma and Chris who they love dearly. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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