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Trip objectives: Collect stories from children in four different schools and gather it all together to produce a book

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The diary of a teenager's experience: One week down in Khao Lak to help children tell their stories to the world Trip objectives: * Collect stories from children in four different schools and gather it all together to produce a book to be sold, hopefully, worldwide. * Paint a mural and fence at Pak Weep School Sunday 26th June 2005 The initial plan was to meet up at Bangkok International Airport, Domestic Terminal at 1400 hrs, by the orange chairs near the Check-In counter. A few were early, a few on time, and yes, some were late. No one is perfect. By the time we gathered everyone as a group and made changes to the groups, we were headed towards the check in counter, half an hour after our meeting time. It's the same every time. Pass your bags through the x-ray machine, queue up at the check in counter, and check in. After that simple process, we were slowly heading inside the waiting area in front of our gate. And for once, we didn't have to walk across the whole terminal, not that it's big or anything, but it can be pretty annoying considering Burger King is right at the front. Lucky for us, it was right opposite our gate. Lunch time. Or maybe not. We had two hours free time to do whatever we wished to do. For the majority of us, it meant sitting down on chairs or floors, or even laying down on the floor to chat to friends and play cards. Boarding time was at 1615 hrs. As soon as we got onto the plane, instead of going to our own seats, what we did instead was to sit in other people's seats right away, but in the BPS seats. I ended up sitting next to Emily on my right and Fizz to my left. Fizz, obviously, just had to sit next to Adam and Adam was next to Chris. ...read more.


Once again, we had Thai food, but it wasn't that bad. Personally, it was an emotional dinner. It was sad in a way, but happy in another. I have no clue why though considering I got rid of someone I love. After dinner, most of us went to Seven Eleven to stock up on food. Went back to the resort after, and slept pretty early compared to the precedent night. Most likely because I was so tired from staying in the sun for so long. Tuesday 28th June, 2005 Headed off to Bang Sak school in the morning. This school is sponsored by the King's project. All that was left of this school after the Tsunami was the flag pole because all that separated the school from the beach was a road and a few lines of palm trees. What they did post-Tsunami was to build a temporary building on top of the hill just behind the old building for classes to go on as normal while the classes and dorms were being built just behind those temporary lines of brick. As we got off the bus, we were greeted by the principal of the school, who gave us a brief history of the school. We were then taken to a temporary hall which seemed to me more like a sauna once we were inside. The kids we were given to take charge of were a small group of twelve, aged between eleven and twelve. We played a few ice breaking activities, for example the parachute game where the prop we have is a round parachute, and there are so many things we can do with them. We then played dodge ball. They loved it. After sweating during dodge ball, we calmed them down by letting them draw and write about their experiences of the Tsunami and about their lives. One thing during that whole morning that I couldn't stand was the heat. ...read more.


On the way to the airport, we were split up into five buses. One went to donate computers to a different school, three buses went directly to the airport and one bus stopped by at the Memorial where the Remembrance Wall was. I was on that bus with Fizz, Adam, Chris, Suferne, Rachel, Callum, Neha, Emily and Mr. Hazell. It was really moving when we were there. Fizz and I couldn't even stop crying until we reached the airport. Just seeing all the flowers, the pictures, the notes left on the wall was really touching. I didn't really pay much attention to anything when we were at the airport because I was still in tears from the memorial. But all I remember was when the plane had started to board, twenty students had bombarded Burger King right in front of our gate ordering lunch in a frenzy. We were practically running to the plane after considering the staff weren't prepared to be bombarded like that in one go. The plane ride back was normal. Not much happened. I sat next to Alvin and the aisle. Fizz was next to the window and Adam, obviously! On the other hand, when we arrived, we had to take the bus to the other side of the airport, and our bags took around fifteen minutes to get to us. This trip was definitely a success, and if I could do it again, I would. I had so much fun. I learned so much. I really cant describe it in words except for three words, I loved it! Much thanks go to all the teachers and staff which went on the trip with us. Mr. Robin Nagy, Mr. Nick Hazell, Ms. Abigail Barnett, Ms. Anita Pardoe, Ms. Jackie Houghton, K. Tong, K. Nong. Special thanks also goes to Nick Mak, our official photographer on the trip. This trip would not have been possible, however, without the support system of the Business staff at Bangkok Patana School. Many lives work behind putting this trip together, and without them, it would not have been as successful as it was. ...read more.

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