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Trompworth to Janto.

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Trompworth to Janto The autumn air was sharp against Tim's chest as he breathed in. He felt colder than he had for a long time for he had no scarf wrapped around his neck or a coat. Tim wore only a plain white school T-shirt, which obviously was not enough to stop him from shivering and rattling his teeth. Jim however looked the more intelligent of the two as he wore what he liked to call "the full caboodle" which was made up of a T-shirt, jumper, and coat and was completed with clothes and a chequered scarf. The two had just left school for the day and travelled through the Janto woods to their home on the other side. It was their own route that they had made for themselves and had used over the many years of attending Trompworth School. The two considered Trompworth to be the greatest school in the country. It proved to be a very different kind of school to what normal people would be used to. It had been standing for almost two hundred years and was built in a sort of French style architecture. Each building block was made of a special kind of cream coloured brick, which gave each building a kind of forever and modern look to it. Each doorway leading inside the school was always completely covered in flowers around the top and sides and no one ever tried or even thought about picking them. The school got even better once inside for it had many special features and unique places and the corridors often had many twists and turns, which proved to become a sort of labyrinth in certain parts. The architect who built the place believed that children should always be amused and entertained even in such a place as school. He thought that everyone should have very fond memories of their school if not the building at least the atmosphere that they got from it. ...read more.


"What's a matter Mack you lost your nerve?" Clay shouted even though Mack could no longer see him. Mack shook his head as if awaking from a trance that he had been subjected to. "Come on Mack!" Morris shouted while jumping up and down in the air. "Hurry up! Other people would like a chance as well." Tim shouted on the edge of the stream. With that Jim then walked over to Tim and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Your not thinking about crossing is you? It's dangerous." Jim whispered, making sure that the group of boys don't hear. "Listen to Jim you must Tim. Jim understands dangers of the Janto woods. You would be wise to take his advice." Yenke said from behind Jim. Tim stepped in front of Jim forcing him to move out of the way so he could get in front of Yenke. "You've been going to Trompworth School for about five minutes Yenke. How would you know what's dangerous and what's safe around here?" Tim said knelling down to him. Yenke's eyes then darkened and became angry. The group of boys then backed away as if they knew what Yenke was about to do. "What? Who are you to dare talk to me like that?" Yenke yelled at the top of his voice. Tim then started walking backwards as Yenke slowly approached him. "What are you going to do now?" He said as he led Tim backwards until he came to the pile of bags placed behind him. "Nothing I guess!" Tim said. It was a rare sight to see when Tim step down from a challenge but there was just something about Yenke, which was unusually unsettling to people. "Exactly nothing and I doubt your going to do anything about this either." Yenke calmly said. Yenke then walked back to the group of boys who looked on at Tim and wondered why he didn't stand up for himself. ...read more.


Tim stayed sat further away than both Mack and Jim who looked as if he had just been through a lot in that trance of his. "No I admire your friendship with each other, but I'm just jealous I guess." Mack said looking back to Tim who still didn't talk. Jim looked on at Mack but then saw his eyes intensify towards Tim. "What are you doing here?" Mack demanded while standing up. Jim turned round also and seen Yenke standing behind Tim by a few feet. Tim however didn't seem to notice. "I'm not allowed near my own stream anymore?" Yenke said while raising a hand with the palm pointing upwards. With that Tim got to his feet slowly. "You're stream?" Jim asked. "Wait, you did all this?" Mack shouted towards Yenke. "I just wanted a game." Yenke said still holding his hand up. "What are you?" Jim stuttered. Yenke just smiled and then pushed out his hand towards the stream. Tim then started to sprint towards the stream at a huge pace. "Tim, what are you doing?" Mack shouted running after him. Tim was then about to jump into the stream but was tackled down by Mack, which managed to stop him. Yenke then approached with the smile still on his face and walked straight into the stream disappearing beneath the surface. "Get off me!" Tim shouted pushing Mack off him. "Yenke almost made you drown Tim. Mack saved you." Jim said walking over to them. "What are you talking about?" Tim yelled towards Mack. "Yenke was controlling you and the river Tim. I doubt he's actually human." Mack said. Tim then started to laugh a little at first but it soon turned into a hysterical one. Jim put a hand on Tim's shoulder and started to walk him towards the woods as Mack followed. "So where's Morris then?" Jim asked. "I made him leave. He wouldn't have wanted me helping you." Mack replied as they all disappeared into the woods. ...read more.

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