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True Romance

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True Romance I couldn't wait until Sunday and when it came I was so nervous. It was the day that I was going on my first date with Joan. I had been out and bought every thing that I might need which included condoms because I was sure that I would be having sex to night. Any way it was a very windy night and we were supposed to be going for a walk. I was really nervous because I was still a virgin and I didn't know what to do. I was really hoping that she was also a virgin because then I would not make a fool of my self if I did do some thing wrong - although there is not much chance of that happening because I have seen enough porn films to have a good idea. When we met up we couldn't decide where to go, so I suggested that we go down to the beach. She said that it's really windy. I don't really think that she wanted to go but she went any way. When we got down to the beach the spray spattered us like the rain, but I didn't mind. She was really quiet so I decided that I would start the conversation. ...read more.


I ran and caught up with her, grabbing her arms and she fell to the ground. I lent over to give her a hand to get up but instead she pulled me down. I thought that she wanted to have sex out here and was going to start kissing me but instead she got back up and started to laugh and then she began to walk on. I caught up with her and didn't say anything. I think that she was a bit embarrassed because she had been too violent with me, but really I didn't mind. I started to fantasise about what would happen. And about how much I wanted her to screw me. I thought that I would start to talk and said, "Look". She tried to grab me and I stopped her by grabbing her hands. "What?" she said. I looked at her and then went to kiss her. I then let go of her hands and put my arms around her and all the time we were kissing I was thinking to my self that I never wanted to stop and I kept my mouth on her mouth for as long as I could. She then pushed me away and started laughing. ...read more.


She seemed to have this weird thing with snow. "Yes", she said " I'm starving", I replied it always makes me hungry. Lets go and buy some stuff to cook a big breakfast. "Pass my jeans - on that chair". She went and stood by the window staring at the snow. I thought that she'd regretted it and that she hadn't really wanted to do it because she looked so scared. I decided not to say anything in case she snapped and decided to end our relation ship. So I just decided to let her have some time to get used to the whole thing. "Are you coming?" I said and went downstairs without waiting for an answer. You know the best thing is that I have had sex with the one person who I most wanted to have sex with. Now I can prove to my mates that I can get a girl in to bed. Looking back on it, I think that I did the right thing by dumping her, as it meant that I was able to be with other girls and just enjoy my self. After all I am only fifteen and I want to experience everything not be tied down to one girl. ?? ?? ?? ?? Harjit Saggu Creative writing GCSE English Language 2 1 ...read more.

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