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Truman Show Review

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Lilly's life! The Truman show Director: Peter Weir Writer: Andrew Niccol Release date: 9 October 1998 Producers: Scott Rudin Starring: Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, Ed Harris, Noah Emmerich, Natascha McElhorne, Holland Taylor, Ted Raymond. Cinematography: Peter Biziou Every aspect of Truman Burbanks Life is filmed, when he eats,drinks and when he sleeps. I came away from The Truman Show feeling inspired (and slightly paranoid) which is the goal of good filmmaking. Jim Carrey was outstanding as Truman Burbank, underplaying him, not making him too comic or too dramatic, but giving true sincerity when asked. I was amazed at what a serious character Jim Carrey can play, he is just so talented and I wouldn't want to change the film in anyway, form or fashion. ...read more.


But when things start happening out of the ordinary Truman gets suspicous and starts to investigate. My favourite part in the film is at the end because Truman has found that he can finally travel if he just walks through the door into a real world. It's clever the way "Seahaven" is made to look real just for one person and that it's televised for the public to view at any time during the day. I like the end also because it means that he can see the lovely Natascha McElhorne who tried to tell Truman the truth but was taken off the show before she could. ...read more.


Christof is a very keen to keep Truman in "seahaven" to keep hs show running but when Truman finds his way out there is nothing he can do to stop him. The way that they involve everything without having to use any people that are part of the production team, is a very clever way of keeping him on the island. I would recommend this film to anyone and its one I would watch over and over again because Jim Carrey expanded his acting abilities and made such a serious character. The scariest thing is that "Big Brother" is becoming a big part of people's lives and mabye it won't be too long before The truman show is real? ...read more.

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