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Trumans Memoirs

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There are so many ways my life could have turned out. I could have been a normal person. One split second decision made by someone else about me had the power over everything, everything I know. If I wasn't born the time I was, my life would be entirely different and I would never be in this mess in the first place. I just don't know what to do with myself. They made all my decisions for me. All those years I thought I was making my own decisions and living life how I wanted, but I turns out everything in my life was a lie. A fake, not real; almost fiction, like some play performed on a stage. In fact my life was not far from, the stage. I was on television; I was a performer, but I am no actor. I feel like the world is closing in on me. I'm freer than I have ever been, but I feel more claustrophobic. ...read more.


I cannot buy anything, I have no money. Even now I don't own anything. I'm paid for, like a small child. My captors support me. The ones who have put me through this pain pay my way and provide me with what I need still. Some people may think of it as a blessing. I'm famous all over the world, I have everything set up for me, I shall want for nothing. It's not like that. If I wanted to get away I never could, I could never afford it. And even living in squalor I would not be able to fully escape. I would be recognised. I am a prisoner of my own face and I hardly feel that by writing this I am helping the matter. I just want to make it clear to people how I feel. Maybe then they will leave me alone and I won't feel the burn on their looks on me again. ...read more.


I used to want to travel, but this sickness is making me feel like I want to stay still forever. I want to curl up and sleep until all of this is over. I could sleep a thousand years and I would still feel as though I was trapped. It's hard to imagine going from my insignificant self to this famous face. I feel like I've swapped bodies with someone else; this isn't me. I'm something much simpler, things like this don't happen to me. I'm just a normal person with a crazy life. A normal person with something horribly wrong happening to me. So do you judge me? You watched me all that time, you saw my every move. You should be free to judge me; you know the real me, more than I know myself. You analysed all I did, spoke about me and the way I move among your friends. You steered my mind and commanded it how you like. So tell me, why do I feel like this? Because only you must have the answer. ...read more.

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