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Tutorial Schools Good or Bad?

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Tutorial Schools Good or Bad? In Hong Kong, attending tutorial centers has become very popular for many secondary students in recent years. The students spend more and more money on this. There are many tutorial center advertisements on buses, billboards, railway stations and TVs. The tutors make up fashionably to attract students. There are many reasons why or why not students attend the tutorial course. I would like to discuss. The pros and cons of attending tutorial courses and at the end state my personal view. Some students attend tutorial course because they hope to understand what the have not grasped in their regular classes. ...read more.


It may help the students better public exam results. Also, different teachers have different teaching styles. Students can learn different presentations and expressions from the tutors. Most students who sign up tutorials are poor learners who always find lessons boring. A good-looking and funny tutor may draw the students' attention. Although there are many proofs showing that tutorial centers can help the students in some ways, many adverse effects are overlooked. Taking a tutorial course needs money. If the students can handle well for their studies, taking a tutorial course may not a necessary. ...read more.


The might teach students to recite sentences that used in the exam. What's worse is that the students don not even know the true meaning of it. All in all, tutorial course may be useful for someone but not for all. Students must have considered thoroughly before joining this kinds of courses. Enrolling tutorial centers, has become a trend as students and parents still see the public exams most important in order to get into the university. We hope this attitude will change the reforming education can focus more on critical thinking, rather then rote-learning Pros 1 Compensation 2 Package learning interest Cons 1 illusion 2 money & times need spend 3 adverse affect Conclusion Tutorial ~~~> should be additional and complementary, not replacement No comparing ...read more.

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