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tv a blessing cruse

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There was a time when very few women received proper education. But now girls are receiving the highest education. Some people insist on having educated girl as their wives. Others are strongly against this. Let us here consider, in brief, the advantages and disadvantages of having an educated wife. We can easily recognize, even by her appearance, a girl who has received western Education. She is fashion loving. The greater part of her time is wasted in dressing her hair. She changes the style of her hair so-often. She is too fond of using cosmetics. She puts on costly dresses of the latest fashion. She is often seen going on the roads with a hand bag in her hand or shoulders. ...read more.


The become healthy. Thus, both the husband and the children are benefited. Not only this, an educated wife can also help her husband in his office work. When an author writes a book, she can help him in revising the script. She can work as a typist. by checking accounts, preparing draft, and by her personal suggestions, she can help her husband in his business. Ups and downs come in life. If the husband is out of employment, his educated wife can be a great help to him. The husband may be ill or he may meet with some accident. In such emergencies an educated wife can get some job for herself. ...read more.


She likes to live in her own independent way. She does not like interference in her affairs. She wants to have her own way in every matter. Often she looks down upon the less educated or uneducated members of the family. Her independent outlook, ill-temperament and haughty nature make the home a hell. We can safely conclude that female education is not always a blessing. Only if a girl has been educated properly at home, she can remain unaffected by the evil effects of modern education. There are girls who have received the highest university education, still they do all the domestic work. This is very important, for this promotes love, affection and harmony among the family members. An educated wife can be a great asset to her husband and her family, if she is good natured and respects the traditions of the family and co-operates to run it smoothly. ...read more.

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