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TV Drama House Promotes Values and Attitudes

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"TV Drama will not represent the way things are but the way things should be" Explain how an episode of House promotes particular attitudes and values. Refer to the episode viewed in class in your response. The Director of the episode of House 'Acceptance' promotes various values and attitudes, such as trust, companionship and freedom. The value of trust is conveyed through the characters of House and Stacey, where House attempts to trust Stacey but she turned against him, providing the viewer with the director's attitude that people trust too easily. Companionship was portrayed through the characters of Cameron and Cindy. It is obvious to the viewer that the director values companionship because Cameron was upset in knowing Cindy has no family. ...read more.


It was a very wise decision to convey this value through House, whose character is stubborn, unfriendly and definitely not the type to trust people. When House discovered his patient, Clarence, was still unwell, he told Stacey and trusted her not to tell Cuddy, their boss. It is not in House's nature to trust another, so this highlights the director's attitude that anybody can trust people easily. The viewer learns that the character of Cameron values companionship because the close-up camera shot on her face allows the viewer to see her sympathetic expression when learning her patient, Cindy, has no family. Also, Cameron experienced the five stages of death for Cindy when learning Cindy is dying and nobody will notice. This shows the viewer how important companionship is to Cameron, and, furthermore, the director. ...read more.


Clarence valued freedom so much that he was willing to take his life just to succeed in having that freedom. Clarence is a very vulnerable character, which was shown through an over-head shot of Clarence getting ill playing basketball, and this vulnerability conveys the director's attitude that everybody deserves even the smallest amount of freedom because people might rebel against life to achieve it. Trust, companionship and freedom were values conveyed in the episode 'Acceptance' of House, alongside various other important values, such as respect. The values are conveyed through the use of characters, and, furthermore, the attitude of the director. The director of House believes that even the unfriendliest of people have the ability to trust, everybody needs someone alongside them through difficult times in life, and if a person isn't given enough freedom, it is only natural to rebel against the rules. ...read more.

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