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Tv Review

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Kicking off to a good start? You've just come in from a hard days work at the office and the infernal screech of "when's dinner ready", is enough to make you contemplate whether life is worth living. So when ITV's Driving Mum And Dad Mad appears on your screen it's less appealing than actually knuckling down to make the little angels their fish fingers and chips. As relaxing as watching a bunch of hyperactive juvenile delinquents threaten their parents with a corkscrew is, after the first half an hour I was already ordering my children to "turn the f****** TV off". So couples who are expecting, turn away now... The programme thought they could turn brats into darlings with the click of a finger, but with Jamie a 7 year old violent mother beater, it looked as if they had their work cut out. So a group of dysfunctional families travelled hundreds of miles for a parenting session with the patronising ex school teacher Claire Halsey, when it was obvious from the viewers point of view the kids just needed a rest from their play stations and their toy guns. ...read more.


How risky is it to take a risk? So much of a risk as brushing your teeth apparently, as nowadays kids can expect to pay �750 for a napkin maker and make a considerable profit. Obviously, the producer of Teenage Tycoons has a misconception of what an entrepreneur is. The first of the three masterminds was Oliver, who was making great steps for big-footed men across the globe with his own shoe company. So much for working 9-5, the instant Oliver stepped through the front door, off came the school bag and out ran Mother, chief paper-worker, and out popped the shoe packer, namely the younger brother. Together they all set out providing un-naturally sized feet with abnormally sized shoes. Next on the way to making it big was 10 year old Jake, or as his peers called him, 'napkin boy'. Relevantly, that's how Jake was funding his rock band, he made napkins. Well in fact, 'making' is an overstatement, with one pull of a lever, napkin machine does the hard work so you don't have to. I'm surprised feeble Jake had the strength to row out to deliver his masterpieces, after incessantly working his arm muscles all day. ...read more.


Seth is white. Thuso is black. Seth is from a wealthy background, while Thuso sleeps on his granny's kitchen floor. For the duration of the programme, there was a certain split between both boys. Following their footsteps towards the pitches it was clear that from the moment the whistle blew these two boys would focus on their one dream: to become a footballer. But did they have diverse motivations? I think we can safely say that the boy with the right intentions will always come off best. For some reason, I found myself rooting for Thuso. There was something about him which made him favourable, perhaps it was his sheer determination to help his mother in desperate times or maybe it was the arrogance of Seth. What was particularly interesting was the announcement which came from Seth's mother "White kids aren't given as much encouragement and opportunities as black kids" she says as her child is being flown over seas to England for a once in a lifetime opportunity. After Seth constantly thinking he knows best, it becomes clear that this was not necessarily the case as he finds himself taking three steps forward, but two steps back. And who knows, hopefully we will be seeing Thuso in South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. ...read more.

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