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Twelfth Night Act 3 Scene 4 (line 80 – 133) A modern Version.

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Modern Version SIR TOBY Where is he, in the name of God? He may be possessed by every devil in hell but I want to see him. FABIAN Here he is, how are you sir? SIR TOBY What is wrong with you man? MALVOLIO Go away, I want to enjoy my privacy MARIA The devil speaks within him, didn't I tell you? My lady wants Sir Toby to look after you. MALVOLIO Ah, Ha! Does she! SIR TOBY Calm down, we must deal with him carefully, leave me alone. How are you Malvolio? What's wrong with you? MALVOLIO Watch what you are saying! ...read more.


He's insulted. Scared that Malvolio is possessed by the devil. Try's to say how to fix the problem. He's insulted again. MARIA O, Lord SIR TOBY This is not the way to cure him, leave him alone with me. FABIAN Be gentle, because the devil is rough and should not be roughly treated. SIR TOBY What do we do then Chuck? MALVOLIO Sir! SIR TOBY Come with me man! You need to play in a sand pit with Satan. Hang him! MARIA Get him to say his prayers! MALVOLIO My prayers! MARIA I warn you, he has nothing to do with God MALVOLIO All of you go and hang yourselves, you are all idle, I am not like you. ...read more.


Doesn't know what else to do. He's insulted again. Suggests how to cure him. Suggests how to cure him, as she is very scared. Again he is insulted Still scared. Insulted so insults them back. Curious. Tries to be funny. Excited. Wants to see more. FABIAN Why? We will just make him mad. MARIA The house will be much quieter. SIR TOBY Come with me, I'll put him in a dark room and have him bound. Olivia already thinks he is mad, this will just be for our own pleasure Wants to know why. Thinks positively about what would happen when he is locked up thought to be mad. Getting even more excited as he has just thought of a new plan that will keep Malvolio quiet for a long time. ...read more.

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