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Twelfth night course work

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Twelfth night course work ACT 2, SCENE 5 Malvolio is Olivia's head servant, and is incharge of all the other servants. He is quite old a wears dark clothing. He wants to marry olivia, is very serious and never ever smiles. He dislikes Sir Toby and Sir Andrew because they do not treat olivia's home with any respect. He often imagines what it would be like to be above of them as at the moment he cannot say anything to them as they are more important than him. He gets angered that he is benief them and often takes it out on Maria who is a servant. When he spots the letter; supposedly from Olivia he becomes overjoyed. In act 2 scene 5 Malvolio should be dressed in dark clothing such as grey or black. He is skinny, has grey hair and a long grey biered. The setting should be in a small garden backing into Olivia's house. There should also be a large box tree in the middle, as this is where Sir Andrew, Sir Toby and Fabian will be hiding. ...read more.


Malvolio wants to marry Olivia, but to boss Sir Toby and Sir Andrew around as much as he would like to be with her 'Toby, approaches me, curtsies there to be.' Malvolio is imagining what it would be like to be above Sir Toby and boss him around, those words should be spoken sharply and quite loudly. Malvolio should pause and smile after he says 'Approaches' and while he says 'Curtsy' Malvolio should also curtsy as he has done so many times in-front of Sir Toby but in his mind it is now the other way around and Sir Toby is now cursing to him. Malvolio also shouts out loudly 'You must amend your drunkenness' from being a servant, he is now telling Sir Toby to stop drinking. When Malvolio finds the letter he is at first confused, it has no name on it, but it has Olivia's seal on it. Convinced that the letter is for him, even without his name on the front he proceeds to open it. ...read more.


Malvolio is in such a fantasy that when he comes across part of the letter which reads 'Therefore in my presents still smile' He completely forgets that he has never smiled before. How could Olivia like his smiling if she has never seen him smiling before. After completing the letter he is overjoyed with happiness, his dream has come reality 'I do not now fool myself, to let my imaginations jade me.' Malvolio should say this very excitedly as he now believes that his dream has come true. The audience, knowing that the letter is a trick, find the fact that Malvolio is so happy that Olivia likes him, quite amusing. In his final paragraph, full of happiness he boasts loudly 'My lady loves me.' During the scene Malvolio's mood changes dramatically. At the beginning of the scene he is in a daydream, then when he discovers the letter he becomes confused at the meaning of the letter, when he thinks he realises the meaning, and that it is a love letter from Olivia he becomes overjoyed with happiness and this mood continues to the end of the scene. ...read more.

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