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Twelfth Night, Scene one act one

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1. Malvolio describes viola ?of mankind? meaning that he is nothing more than an average human being. Malvolia gives Olivia a very negative impression describing him as ?ill mannerd? and rude. Malvolio makes it clear that ?he?ll speak? with Olivia whether she likes it or not. From Malvolios negative impressions Olivia greets Viola intruged. She asks ?what personage and years is he?? showing interest and curiosity. 1. Viola asks for?the honourable lady of the house? when Olivia replied ?I shall answer for her.? Olivia keeps Viola unaware of who she is. Viola says she has ? never sae her? meaning she has never met Orsinos love before. Viola has only heard of Viola?s beauty and appearance from Orsino. ...read more.


Viola was not successful in making Olivia fall in love with Orsino. With Viola way of words and attitude to love, Olivia has fallen in love with Viola. Viola is loyal to Orsino as she is doing her ?part? even though she is in love with orsino. 2. Shakespeare uses imagery on line 214 by saying the text/speech lies in orsino?s ?bosom.? The fact that Shakespeare mentions Orsino?s heart gives us an image of romance and flattery. It also brings in Viola?s clever words to Olivia about Orsino love that Olivia falls for. 3. Viola describes Olivia?s beauty as ?radiant, exquisite and unmatchable? and ?truly blent.? Viola says that she would still be ?fair? even if she was ?the devil.? She tell her she is ?the most beautiful girl in the world.? 4. ...read more.


6. Olivia asks Viola to only return to see ?how he takes? the bad news.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 7. Olivia asks about as she is thinking about marridge. This shows Olivia?s love for Olivia as marridge is a symbol of love and romance. 8. Volia rejects Olivia?s money as she is doing her job for Orsino and has not been successful(not got the reward he asked for, not done her job) 9. Olivia is describing how quickly she has fallen in love with viola. She describes love to a disease and how she wishes Orsino was like Viola. She is questioning how quickly you can fall in love with someone. She is saying how his sensitive soul proves how much of a gentleman he is. 10. This theme describes love as a disease. This shows how quickly someone can fall in love with someone. Olivia falls in love with Viola?s words and ways to loving somebody. ...read more.

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