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Twelth Night Production of Act 2 Scene 5.

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Parminder Sandhu 9W2 2nd May 2000 Twelth Night Production Essay If I had been asked to produce Act 2 Scene 5. I would use light, sound and scenery. This is essay is to show how I would set it out. The scenery will show where each character is standing in the play. The play is set in the 1600's. The scenery will be in the gardens of Olivia's house and will be set in the daytime. When Malvolio picks up the 'love' letter birds will start flying around his head and around the tree where the Knights are to show the audience that somebody is watching Malvolio. The Characters costumes will show what standing they have in the scene. ...read more.


The light shining on the tree and darker on the Knights gives the impression that they are hiding in the trees shade and that Malvolio can only see the tree. It also tells us that it is daytime. The sound effects will reflect what at that moment in time is going on in the play. The music will also show what sort of scene the production is showing. In Act 2 Scene 5 the sound effects will be birds singing to show how Malvolio is feeling when he is getting to understand what the letter is about. When the Knights are laughing the sound effects will be mischievous. The birds singing shows that Malvolio is in the garden and in a joyful mood. ...read more.


The Knights will be hoping that the plan works with a worried but excited look on their faces which soon turns to smiles when thay realise that the plans has worked better that originally planned. The characters movements will show what they are feeling and if they want to keep a low profile or want the world to know of their happiness. Malvolio when he realises the letter is for him will jump for joy while the knights who are hiding for cover will make quiet and stealthy movements to show that they are hiding form him. Overall my production will be full of life and atmosphere so that the audience stay interested in what is going on in the scene. ...read more.

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