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Twilight Film Review

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Twilight Film Review: How would you react to your lover telling you he is a vampire? I know I would either laugh with much doubt that he was telling the truth or simply run away screaming. Well this isn't the case for Bella Swan; in fact when told by her boyfriend that he is 'the deadliest predator in the world' she simply replies 'I don't care'. Twilight was the most anticipated movie of 2008. Stephanie Meyer's series of Twilight novels have been a teenage publishing sensation, especially in the United States where over 20 million copies have been sold alone. Since her award-winning 2003 film Thirteen, director Catherine Hardwicke has added some expertise in her analysis of the dark side of adolescence and puts it to good use in this wildly enjoyable film. Kristen Stewart plays Bella, a bright, pale-faced young woman who is the child of a broken home. After spending most of her life with her mum in Arizona she proposes to live with her dad, the police chief in a small north-western town named Forks. Bella's first day at school starts like any other, she makes friends, and even has a few admirers. ...read more.


Both actors have been behind the screens since children, and their familiarity with making films makes their roles so believable. Robert Patterson starred in the rivalry saga Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire in 2005. He played a main part as Cedric Diggory, a new comer to the wizardry sensation and he was undoubtedly a natural behind the camera. Patterson has a wonderful ability to act; his death scene in Harry Potter was breathtaking as he can really manipulate our feelings. This may be part of the reason he beat a staggering 3000 people in becoming the vampire everyone with intelligence knows and loves today. I congratulate Patterson as it must be a challenge acting as a mythical creature and he makes it so original and fresh, maybe better than Bela Lugosi I dare say. The chemistry between Bella and Edward draws us closer into their lives and they make it seem like they have been together for years. Kristen Stewart is an American actress; she was first seen to be confident in front of an audience at the age of eight where she was spotted performing a nativity play. Kristen is an experienced actress, and has practice in all type of film genres. ...read more.


The scene in which Bella finds out who Edward really is is just outstandingly directed and the actor's passion for their roles we can see is heightened. The camera acts as us, as we follow the two into an opening in a forest, waiting curiously for what is to happen. The camera circles around the characters like they are trapped in their own little world alone together, and stops as the secrets are being revealed. Bella begins by describing Edward "you're incredibly fast and strong, your skin is ice cold to touch, you talk as though you are from a different time ..." All the while we are coming closer to the truth the camera is zooming and the music is building to create tension. As soon as the words "A Vampire" leave her lips you can feel chills run down your spine and the camera flashes to their eyes and the music booms mimicking the feeling of excitement in us. "And so the Lion Fell in Love with the lamb......What a Stupid lamb.....What a Sick Masochistic Lion" and what a clever me for going to watch this memorable film. Watch out as ugly has been replaced by beautiful, scary has been replaced by romantic, human-eating has been replaced with animal flesh and Dracula has been replaced with Twilight. I am definitely a fanpire, are you? ...read more.

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