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Twist in an original fairytale story : Rapunzel

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´╗┐English Coursework, Ms.Rahena Vanessa Rachel Tauro 6/10/2012 Twist in an original fairytale story : Rapunzel Once upon a time, in the depths of a couniferious forest, there lived a witch who was very young. She resided in a large house with so much wealth that she had no idea what to do with. Her greatest love however, was plantation of different herbs. There was one herb especially which she adored the most because it was made with a magic spell and tasted amazingly well. That herb was called ?Rapunzel? One day, when the witch discovered a strange man ripping some off the ?Rapunzel? plant she was vey upset. Marching up to the sneaky peasant ?what do you think you?re doing?!? she yelled. ?You have no right sneaking through my garden and pulling up my priceless herbs! I have it in my mind to report you to the police immediately! Explain yourself young man!? The man was so surprised that he fell to the ground in fear. He proceeded to mumble that his wife had just turned 8 months pregnant and her wife was overwhelming craving for ?Rapunzel?. The witch sighed, even though she was annoyed with the man for his burglary, she was sympathetic to his situation. ...read more.


She spelled the tower with no door or entrance so that nobody wouldn?t come and kidnap her daugther. From that moment on, Rapanzuel spent her entire childhood there, growing up alone and knowing nothing about the outside world being taught that it?s a whole lot of cruel world out there and is protected by her mother. Years later at the age of twenty, Rapunzel was still living in the tower. The witch bought meals for her everyday and educated her like any other child going to school. Rapunzel loved her life and made friends with the birds which resided next to her tower. She had a lovely gifted voice and sung with them everyday. She even had long flowing hair which was magically given by the witch so that the witch could leave the tower anytime she wanted to. One fine morning a handsome prince was passing through the land when he saw the witch; ?Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down you long lovely hair?, he saw how she travelled all the way up. When he instantly saw Rapunzel, he knew he was in love with her and thought she was kidnapped by the witch, he knew it was wrong and that he had to save Rapunzel. ...read more.


Just has it was dawn the witch had come back from town. ?Rapunzel my dear child, let down your hair?. Rapunzel with anger threw down her lovely hair. When the witch had got up the tower, she instantly saw the prince there. ?What are you doing here and how did you even get up here?? mummered the witch. I?m here to take Rapunzel away, she can?t be locked in the tower forever?. You don?t understand young man, im a witch and Rapunzel is my daugther, it isn?t safe for her out there, I can?t let her meet the other witches, it will be too dangerous for her. The prince knew that there was no point argueing with the witch so, he took the sword from his side and stabbed it right in the witches heart. That very moment a door swung open at the side of Rapunzel?s closet, for a moment Rapunzel was downtroddened to see her mother dead but she knew that her mother would never let her to freedom. The prince quickly took Rapunzel down and let her to the open door. Rapunzel was so glad to step into the light of open air. She ran through bushes and drank water from the lake near the tower, she was never so happy. The prince then rode of with Rapunzel to the castle and they were happily married. It was a happy ending afterall. ...read more.

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