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Two Can Play That GameFilm review. Genres: Comedy and Romance Running Time: 1 hr. 30 min.

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Unit 5. Two Can Play That Game Film review. Genres: Comedy and Romance Running Time: 1 hr. 30 min. Release Date: September 7, 2001 Nationwide Cast Character Vivica A Fox Shante Smith Morris Chestnut Keith Fenton Anthony Anderson Tony Wendy Raquel Robinson Karen Tamala Jones Tracye Edwards Bobby Brown Michael Monique Imes Diedre Gabrielle Union Conny Spalding Lee Anthony Attorney in the elevator. Cherise Leana Bangs Miller Girl No 2 Plot summary. For Shant� Smith (Vivica A. Fox), keeping her man faithful, happy and extremely committed is all in a days work. Shant� is so good at advising women on how to keep their men in line that her best girlfriends Diedre, Karen and Tracye (Monique Imes, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Tamala Jones) ...read more.


But its all good, because getting her man begging for her to take him back, with the sincere promise that he will never step out of line again is all that matters, and therefore she will do whatever is necessary to achieve this. Unfortunately the happy ending that usually comes with the "Ten Day Plan" and that Shant� expects goes upside down when Keith begins listening and following the advice of his buddy Tony (Anthony Anderson) has to offer. Due to Tony's player perspective on the games girls play, a comedic battle of the sexes then begins. Shante's about to discover that not only are there no rules, when it comes to love, and that she is not only one that is good at playing games. ...read more.


Shante Smith is perhaps the women, every women wishes they could be like, she's got loads of confidence, a great career and an amazing, gorgeous man on her arm, but even more than that, she got the 411 on how to keep men in line, which is especially helpful in a sticky situation, such as when she catches her man out on the dance floor with another women when he had cancelled their dinner date with the excuse "I'm working late". Although he explains himself, she has to be sure he will never even think about doing something like that to her again, so to insure this and to pay him back she punishes him. The story is full of twists and there is a huge battle of the sexes, but the ending although surprising is also extremely romantic. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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