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Two Conflicts.

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Two Conflicts Before I knew what had hit me, it had hit me again. But harder. My mind had a strayed away from my body as my limbs went numb with the pain. With another hit, I fell down onto my battered bloodstained knees. With a hard blow to my back, I fell flat onto my face suffering from severe scratches and bruising to my face. I remember feeling blood dripping onto my closed eye lid, and my face being written on. After that, I can't remember much more. I awoke to the sound of my mobile phone ringing. I help it to my ear and my mother asked where I was. I told her that I was on the way home, and stopped off on the way to meet some friends. ...read more.


A tear filled my eye, and my emotions spun out of control. I lay on my bed and cried myself to sleep. This was one of the many nights I would undergo within the next few days. I awoke to a sharp pain running down the left side of my back and the sound of my mother calling for me to get ready for school. Dressing was painful, and I felt I had woken up from a concussion, which I had. I wore a scarf and a hat to cover up my wounds which fooled my mother. On the way to school, I started to think about what it is to be Jewish, and better yet, what's wrong with being Jewish. A car behind me slowed down, and I heard the words 'Here, Jew, enjoy a feast!' ...read more.


I don't remember what happened too clearly, but I was attacked from behind. The face I saw now, that evil face, was the one from yesterday, and even worse.... I know who he is... The face haunted my thoughts for the next few days, until one day I decided to take a short cut home and walked through the park. I heard a voice cry out: 'You fools never learn. You didn't get the message in 1945, and you ain't got it now have you?' 'S s s s stay away from me! Stay away!' His hand slipped into his pocket and he pulled out a weapon. 'Clive.... Don't do it....' He came forward, close to me now. He lifted the gun high, so it was against my chest. 'Good bye, old friend.' Those words, followed by one gunshot, then another, were the last sounds I ever heard.... By Mark Spiro 10JE Sunday, 30 November 2003 ...read more.

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