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Two directed scenes from Macbeth

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Two directed scenes from Macbeth I have chosen two scenes to direct from Shakespeare's play 'Macbeth'. These scenes are Act 2 scene 2 and Act 5 scene 7. I have chosen these because both are major parts in the play. The first is where Macbeth has just killed the King and the second is where Macbeth is about to be slain by Macduff. Production I will be directing my chosen scenes using the film genre. I will be doing this because I believe that films can make a bigger impact on the audience and give me more independence and flexibility when directing the scenes. I am targeting the younger audience with my production and so I think that a film will be more effective as young people don't tend to watch plays as much as films. The younger audiences also tend to enjoy film remakes as proved by the highly popular Baz Luhrman production of Romeo & Juliet. I also feel that if I did it as a play I would be restricted in some of the background effects I could use. Setting I have decided to set my film in the original location of the play, Northern Scotland (Inverness) but I will be setting it in the times of the second world war. I'm setting it in the same place so that the film retains some of its original identity and so it doesn't stray too far away from Shakespeare's version. ...read more.


The colour of the clothes will be white. This suggests innocence but in fact it is the complete opposite. It will bring to my film a theme of appearance and reality. I will also make them wear a helmet like they did in the war. I will do this because it will make them seem slightly psychotic. Although they have just killed the King of their country, it matters to them that little they still remember small things like wearing protective headgear. Lighting I will have a darkened room with flashes coming from the bombs exploding. This represents the 'dark day' which has taken place. The light from inside the room will come from a log fire next to Macbeth and his wife. The fire will remind the audience of hell, this is what Macbeth has created. There will also be a fire burning in the background where a bomb has hit. This will give the impression that they are surrounded by fire and they can't stop what they've started, it's out of control. Acting Lady Macbeth starts the scene with her voice growing in confidence. When the owl interrupts her she shouts at it as if it doesn't have the right to interrupt her. As the speech goes on she begins a sinister laugh. On her last line she pauses before the words "or die." ...read more.


He bangs his chest whilst saying this. When young Siward enters Macbeth laughs as if to say is he their best warrior. Young Siward tries attacking Macbeth but he side-steps the attack with confidence. Young Siward stutters his lines but tries to hide his fear behind his rage and hate for Macbeth. Macbeth toys with the young fighter before he gets bored. He then kills young Siward with apparent ease and grows even more in confidence, "Thou wast born of woman. But swords I smile at, weapons laugh to scorn, brandished by man that's of woman born." Macbeth kicks then drags young Siward's body away laughing just like his wife was at the beginning of Act 2 scene 2. Macduff enters shouting every word. He grows more and more angry as his speech continues. "My wife and children's ghosts will haunt me still." The emphasise in this sentence is on "still." When Macduff shouts this word it echoes around the surrounding land. The same happens when Macduff shouts Macbeth. However when Macbeth's name reverberates around the land a massive explosion is heard to signal his downfall. Macduff runs away frantically looking for revenge. Siward enters madly pointing towards the castle, he rushes his lines. Malcolm takes his time, Terminator like scanning for his next victim. Siward stumbles over himself as he runs towards the castle. Malcolm strides behind with the noise of an Alarum following them into the castle. ...read more.

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